Anti Airing Akuma



Given his options, I have trouble finding a reliable anti air vs jumpins, air fireball, and divekick. I’m not good enough to visually react to each one yet. So yeah I could just git gud ^^ But until then…

I found st LP decent, since I can do it late and then change my plan if he throw the air fireball or dive kick. But I end up blocking a lot of divekicks et FB and he’s in my face right after.
EX Ressenha get stuffed a lot by the air FB and trades a lot with divekick. Neutral jump Target combo works really good vs jumpins and divekick alike, and also can sometimes beat air FB clean with the right spacing. Even if I jumped right in the fireball I only take like 40-50 damage and he can’t combo out of it.

What do you guys have success with against him ?