Anti Airing with Juri

I need abit of help in this front because im stumped as to why capcom have given me such shit options to work with as anti airs, the crouching strong and fierce pokes that serve as our anti airs never hit a jump about to cross you up, so i constantly need to eat crossup mixups all day.

expinwheel completely whiffs on the other side of her so i get to eat a punish if i try that and hk fireball usually just generally whiffs aside from getting out too late. Ye i could just counter but like i said, im being crossed up so either i fuck my input up, i come out in the wrong direction with the ex version or hey it was an empty jump so i eat a punish. crouching strong is 6 frames, crouching fierce is 7!!! come on most DP’s are like 3 frames and get half body invincibility i pretty much live in fear of SRKs the entire match against a shoto and its just an anti air! Not even addressing the fact that most characters combo into ultras off anti airs.

Some times the pokes trade with deep hits because as i mentioned before 6/7 frames, you need to get that out pretty much just after the peak of their jump which is sometimes impossible if you have just been put into blockstun, this tends to remind me of Adons pressure strings with jag kicks which are impossible to anti air if its done right. And with a lack of any real get off me move i often wonder why i havnt picked up chun-li yet or switch to yun when we get him.

So with that rant over, what am i missing with anti airs, any advice would be a god send cz im getting jumped at and crossuped all day.

You can dash under if you see them go for a crossup, you know. Using ex pinwheel as an AA, especially against crossups, is not a good idea at all. is a good AA normal, you just need to adjust your timing in most cases if you are getting beaten out(sounds like you need to do it sooner). If they are just a little ways out of range, use instead.

Another thing you could do on crossups is just block.

Wow realy i though juri has some of the best AA is the game. Not to mention really good foward and back dashes.

You just gota practice more to get the timing down.

i never use expinwheel on crossups and i spareinly use it on wakeup, i havnt given the dash a go so maybe ill try work it in if i can.

Its just my main beef with her AA pokes is that they trade more often than not, and ye i can go on forever about how i have to work on timing and spacing for them but in itself thats pretty unreliable then, i duno i try a DP character now and then and i get kinda frustrated with how easy it is to use them when i have to work so hard with juri for pretty much everyone.

If you trade chances are your doing it too late.

They aren’t unreliable at all once you learn the timing, which really isn’t difficult. Just do it sooner and you’ll be popping dudes out of the air no problem. in particular has a good hitbox and is active for a good while, so it is quite reliable.

I usually block cross-ups. Dashing seems also a valid option.
btw, wouldn’t an EX Katsushi works as well ?
Outside cross-ups (I consider this a consequence of her bad wake up game), she has more than enough options for an AA game.

yeah its probably my timing, duno after so many failed attempts today ive become abit salty about it, especially when it misses because they cross me up, but then you bog it down to a bad sence of space, i just dont know what to think of it anymore. Its the whole 6/7 frames startup that seems to bother me as opposed to the rest of the cast, most of the time there just isnt enough time to even use them, or so it seems.

A late crouching strong will stuff somebody who is trying to cross you up out of the air.

Crouching Fierce is good too. Standing strong can be used with much success. Same with standing Fierce.

My cr.fp trades much more often than

I understand ya - I hear ya, Mike. It’s really frustrating. Yestereve, I lost a match. We were both down to the line and I was just WAITING for him to jump on in. I hit cr. MP. But it didn’t come out. What did was his foot >> into my face! I died.

My timing is very poor right now. But it seems that Juri’s normal AA’s have a slow start-up so you need to push them out early in anticipation of an attack, as opposed to a reaction. This aspect is still getting my killed, and certainly - it is no get out of jail free card like the Shotos with their invincible, high damaging “I can do two in a row and pop you twice out of air.” SRKs.

Grrr!. Mad salty mate! Like a Pirate! (Pirate day is on Sept 19!)

Wow. I guess you guys have very poor timing. There are only a handful of characters that I have a problem anti airing with Thats Ibuki, Guy, and Honda. Everyone else… all day. For those 3 (maybe some more off the top of my head), i’ll use c.hp. Even for cross up attempts, c.hp is great for really close calls on cross up’s. If its obvious there going for a really far cross up (one that will hit at the tip of their back hit box), i’ll just dash under, block or ex kasatushi.

Hell. Even Jump back strong xx dive kick to maintain space is decent (dive kick will whiff)