Anti-airs shoryukens problems



I’m having problems with anti-airs shoryukens.
I can’t execute the move in the right time and the other player kicks my face with an aerial kick.

Is there any way better to train my shoryukens than in online battles?



It can be hard to time AA SRKs correctly online. Don’t worry if you miss them occasionally, as long as you know you can do them offline consistently. Online, you might want to switch to cr.hp if you’re having problems though. Or just do the DP earlier.

If you need offline training, go to training mode and make the dummy a char with a short or weird jump and strong jumping attack, like Dudley or Juri. Now record it walking back and forth and randomly doing at you. Play it back, and try to anti-air it with hp SRK while also walking back and forth, or while trying to land

If you want reaction and execution training, get a copy of HD:Remix. Set the mode to Classic, speed to 4, and go to training mode vs Cammy (medium or hard AI). Crouch block in the corner and DP her when she jumps. It can take a while and you might eat a few throws, but she does jump. You can throw out a poke or two to entice the AI to jump. If you can consistently AA her in ST, you can pretty much do it in any game because the execution is much harder and the speed is faster. You can also train like this if you have ST on an emulator with cheats (infinite health, infinite time).


doing the shortcut might help.

Hold :df: as they’re jumping at you. then right before they hit you, flick the stick to :d: then back to :df: + :p:

what you AA with is 100% spacing dependent, so SRK isn’t always your best option. Use cHP for when they are directly above you and standing HP for when they are outside SRK range.


Remember to use as well, it’s an excellent long range antiair. will work in a pinch too, especially against divekicks.


as others have mentioned, use which is a great AA tool as well as s.hp