Anti- Airs?

Checked the stickies couldnt find anything listed.

What are some good AAs for rose? Her Soul throw seems terrible as an AA i always get hit out of it. I have been using C.HP with minimal success but alot of times they jump from out of range of it. Any advice?

cr.hp for most jumps that aren’t deep crossups, s.hp for jumps out of your range (people jumping/dive kicking over fireballs), ex soul throw for mistimed meaty jumps, dive kicks, and obvious jumps if you can sniff them out. If they cross you up outside of cr.hp’s range you’re just going to have to block.

You can also anti-air with slide if you’re confident and space it right. I do it sometimes.

far st.hp

c.hp mostly. far s.hp and s. mp for things like divekicks. Always mind your range and see if you can do a successful c. hp from there.

EX Soul Throw if you’re good at guessing/anticipating jump-ins

And there’s always U1 for the scare factor

c.hp is your anti-air with a 90+% succesrate, normally never trades. However, if they jump from very far, or do a crossup just block or focus dash away.
If they jump from very far a slide to throw is good too.