So I just decided to pick up Raven and play a keep away game. I know I need to practice the c.HP chain, the MP>shuriken pseudo-frame trap, and the overhead teleport mixup, but all those things are offensive.

If an opponent tries to jump in on me, what move to i use?


cr.MP is the go-to anti-air. You can also teleport out of certain situations.

Also, get used to air-to-air for your AA purposes, or neutral jump HK. The payoff can be much bigger.

I want to experiment with AA EX Shuriken as well. It’s not invulnerable, but if you can get the projectile out and they fall on it, you get free cr.HP juggles, even if they smack you.


I use either cr.Strong or s.Foward. I know on counter hit with s.Foward you can get a juggle state & do his cr.Fierce loop.


Also for a Hard Knock down you can do the standing back mk-> which is one of his target combos. You have to anticipate the jump as it is not invulnerable. What raven does is hit the opponent out of the air with the mk then sweeps him afterwards. Remember input the mk and hk like you were doing his target combo on the ground.


u could use his like ryu’s, to trip guard AA. cancel into QCB+P for a free combo… but if they start stuffing it, I’d go back to use