Anti Akuma Strats

One of my worst match ups with all those dive kicks and demon flips.

ex dragon punches > all possible demon flip mixups. parry dive kicks.

Check the akuma forum for a link to the uriden blog. The match video it features has Jiro vs Fujiwara.

Sadly, Fujiwara loses both time he plays.

Incidentally, there’s another link on the website for a fujiwara video (six matches). He picks black and white colors in that vid because of a mirror match against another pink dudley.

Forgot to mention: the six match uriden video with fujiwara was just recorded one week ago.

Cool thanks guys

How would you deal with a turtling akuma that just runs away doing air fireballs and air hurricane kicks when you jump towards him? I’m not very successful in parrying his air hurricane kicks. Is the only solution to just learn to parry his hurricane kicks or is there any type of strategy I could use.

i hate gouki players @ my arcade

is it easy to parry down, down, down, ppp?

some guy always does that for chip damage at the end of the match

The first hit of Akuma’s KKZ is one of only two moves in the game that cannot be parried (the other is the first hit of Gil’s Seraphic Wing). If you want to avoid as much chip damage as possible, and can’t evade it cleanly by jumping away, you’d have to block the first hit, red parry the second, and then blue parry the rest.

In other words, no, it’s not easy.

If Akuma has gone for the kkz finish to chip damage you and you’re positive you can’t jump or dash away - the one and only possibility of you escaping is to jump straight up. This sounds weird, but sometimes a straight jump in the right spot can actually avoid the initial and remaining hits of the kkz. You need to be next to akuma or something like that. I dont know the distance, but I have seen it happen quite a few times.

Akuma has a good keep away game against Dudley. Just remember that one good jump-in combo or even one knockdown is all you need to take a round off Akuma. Play smart and patient. Avoid duck throw setups and obvious jump ins - those are countered with kara throws and an endless array of anti-airs.

Jump HP if you see a demon flip coming. Learn to parry the dive kicks. Mess around with parrying one or two hits of a red fireball then ducking through the last hit. Punish blocked hurricanes with supers.

I just had a (offline) session against Dukus, who is probably UK’s top Dudley player and also went to SBO this year to rep UK.

Our games were casual with lots of messing around e.g. Dukus was trying too much parrying so I really used it against him. Overall though, I think he gets slightly more wins against my Akuma.

If you want to watch the matches, let me know. I must warn you though that this isn’t exactly tournament play, just good players messing around in casuals while high… there’s a lot of mistakes but also a lot of very cool moments. Kinda makes you think that the Dudley VS Akuma matchup can go either way - just a case of who can rush in there first.

Yeah I would be intrested in seeing them. That would be cool.