Anti-Arthur Strats

What are the best strategies to take down Arthur? My hate for zoning has greatly been increased because of this character. What can I do to combat his zoning?

If you have a beam hyper, then there you go.

Teleports and patience is your best friend.

easiest way that i kno of is snapping him out once u get in close and killin off his assist likely to be hagger or chun for there invincibility and stuns…I run arthur and i have more problems when hagger is killed off making his keep away game less affective

Just in general, but especially against Arthur, and if he’s being saved for last, SAVE THAT X FACTOR.

I suck, but I’ve pulled off so many random comebacks with a level 3 X factored Arthur just because he’s so insane at chipping people to death when backed by a level 3 X factor (Gold armor helps too). I don’t really get why people have a problem with X factored Sentinel. X factored Arthur is far more lame lol.


Arthur can :f: :h: to get away from super jumpers.

Could someone offer me some advice pls? I really can’t beat this guy at all. He just spends the whole match jumping back and firing projectiles at me and I cant approach cos he has full screen coverage. If I superjump he just starts jumping back the other way. Tried teleports but I’m at disadvantage and daggers stuff any assist I try to call in. And then if I finally catch him I get mixed up with the instant overhead. I’m at a complete loss and feeling very frustrated right now.

What team do you use?

You’re having trouble against Arthur on point or as anchor?

I use Strider/Beam assist(IM or DOOM)/Ryu. Teleporting gets me nowhere. He just jumps away from Vajra L and M, Vajra H just gets punished. I’ve tried to advance patiently but I get literally chipped to death.

Doom and Ryu have tough matchups against Arthur… Ryu can’t do much without meter and Doom runs into a lot of daggers.

Your best bet is to call Strider Vajra assist and fire plasma beams. That team is not very well suited to outzone Arthur, though.

lol sounds like my Arthur. Mwhahahaha.

Snap him out and keep pressure on him, try cross-over and watch to punish the tag. It’s different depending on what team you’re using, but the main thing that lets Arthur down is being forced to defend without meter, and an inability to build meter due to poor mobility.

Use Doom/Strider and try to play patiently. He can’t hit strider assist and beat out doom beam at the same time so use that advantage to set up something. Also if Strider assist touches arthur that’s literally the easiest kill opportunity in the game.

*Use Hsien-Ko

*Use her Gong specialmove


just dont be a retard -.-
you cant be afraid of the chip damage he deals

Some interesting advice in this thread…

Gold axe hits Strider assist and beats anything Doom does that’s not a super. Fire Dragon will kill Strider and badly hurt Doom.

There is a big difference between “this is your best available option in a given situation” and “your opponent cannot do anything about this tactic.” Vajra assist is useful against Arthur, but it’s not like he can’t stop it if he wants to.

Easier than hitting Arthur after an armor pop? Easier than hitting Phoenix with Gimlet?

Gold lance will pierce through Hsien-Ko’s gong and hit her. You can link a super on reaction.

I don’t…I don’t actually use either character :frowning:

Snap his ass in and do a welcome mix-up or use Ammy. Projectile counter. Sit there until he comes to you. Okami Shuffle if you see him wind up a projectile in the air.

She’s still his worst match-up. It’s not as bad since j.S gives him a modicum of rushdown but it’s still ridiculously bad.

Ammy is far, far from Arthur’s worst matchup.

Against projectile counter, you can throw a fire bottle that lands in front of her and force her to stop reflecting and block it; if she stays in the counter (absorbing the flames) then it’s a free bracelet.

Like most characters that have beam supers, Ammy can sit on weapon tosses and just super in response; this is not a strategy unique to her. That said, Okami Shuffle does horrible damage unless Arthur is airborne midscreen.

Ammy has no teleport and her airdash is not scary. Dormammu and Strange are FAR worse matchups, anyone else with a teleport is moderately worse. Arthur vs. Ammy normally just comes down to who has more meter.

I think you’re not considering what makes Ammys matchup really bad for Arthur…
she can move freely, he can’t…

if you’re jumping and spaming projectiles, then she just dashes on the ground and that alone evades everything except for Bottle or arrows from a long distance…
She’s way to small for Arthur to be able to zone her from the air.
if you’re on the ground, then you’re immobile… and we all know that’s REALLY bad in this game.

Still, I’ll not argue Dormammu is a worse matchup than ammy, but I wouldn’t say it’s far…
If the ammy player is fast, she just has a tool for each thing Arthur tries. The projectile reflector is just one of those tools, not her main gameplan.

Everything can change if you have a ground covering assist, but as Arthur is mostly played as anchor, he’ll not have it most of time.

He can win if he can force Ammy to jump… fact is, alone, he cannot, unless he stay still, which is bad.