Anti backdash option selects tips?

Hi guys
I m trying to include anti backdash OS in my game, especially with U1.
i understand what is an OS but i don t know the input i have to do for cr lk OS U1 for example and i dont know how to train it.
Thanks for your help.

In order to OS cr. lk into U1 you have to input the motion for the Ultra and hit the 3 buttons before the character has recovered from the cr. lk move. You will have more time to do it if the hits the opponent due to the hit freeze.

The only way I’ve found to train it is to set the dummy to all block and then hit him with the into U1 while you can see your inputs on the side of the screen. If the Ultra doesn’t come out and you see that you’ve input the correct motions then you’re doing it correctly.
There is no perfect way of training it that I’ve found but the above one is good enough. Be sure to try it in matches aswell. You’re gonna mess up and probably hate yourself for doing so, but keep at it and you’ll learn.

Thanks !