Anti Balrog strats?



Creating this thread just for the hell of it.

I was very disappointed when they announced Balrog, as this was the character that made me quit SF IV for 5 years

The ease of use and the boring style of play (Balrog vs Chun) aggravated the hell out of me with his fast jabs, straight straights, and anti airs. When I played Balrog, I could always end winstreaks despite not playing the game in months.

Karin vs Rog reminds me of Fei Long vs Rog, except Karin doesn’t have rekkas to pressure.

Feel free to post any useful tips here,


Are you meaning to compare him to SFIV rog? Because he’s nothing like that…headbutt AA is gone and quadruple jab into ultra isn’t there anymore. The best you’ll get out of a jab is a super cancel on punish; just like every other character.


stay midscreen distance from him, start threatning him with xx JFT / JFO or if your not confident, These buttons will beat his random dash punches mid animation if your slightly closer then fullscreen to him.

Be careful because if you’re full screen, the dash punch will likely come out on time and get u a bad trade or clean him from rog.

Start mixing this up with neutral jumps so he also understands that he might go under if he random dash punches, then when he is focused on your poke timing to try and get a hit, jump in and start pressure.

He will likely have to v-reversal to get you off him if you get the good reads in. His jabs are good though


Knock him down and pressure him. He only has V Reversal to escape. Doesn’t have an invincible reversal anymore.


I’m gonna go for the knockdown start, thanks.

I watched a match of smug vs PR Rog and one thing I saw PR Rog do was walk in and try to anti air karins neutral jump. Smug ende up losing the Match despite doing pretty well.

It might not be as bad as I initially thought.



When he starts to pressure you with dash punches, guard yourself by doing down-back into delayed c.HP.

If its a straight or low then you will just enter blockstun. If he tries to vskill cancel into his overhead your c.HP will come out causing a CC that you can follow up with s.HP x LK/MK command dash for an under mixup.


That’s useful to know, thanks brah

I actually played against my friend’s brother in the Battle Lounge for a few matches yesterday, most of them being Karin v. Balrog. He’s a much better player than me, but in the end, I was able to keep pretty much every round close. Honestly, as far as the matchup against Karin goes, I think it’s more or less even.


not a surprise