Anti-Bison notes (A-groove)

vs A-Bison:

The first thing you need to understand is that Bison is a charge character. He’s only a real threat when he has his charge, so you need to pay attention to whether he has it or not. Learn the setups Bison uses. The best way is to learn how to use A-Bison yourself, but if not, here some some common ones…

Situations you’ll want to look for (some obvious, some not):

  1. he’s sitting there
    -Bison walks forward a little, crouches, repeats.
    -He’s sticking out meter building d.MKs.
    -He’s dashed forward and made you block c.LP, c.LP, something, then waits.
    -You’ve made him block a lot of your attacks (ie. Cammy close s.HP --> walk up d.MP --> d.MP --> far s.HP… Bison’s charged now, watch out).

  2. he’s rolling
    This is the best way for Bison to move forward while maintaining his charge. Always watch for it. For example:
    -whiff some d.LPs, roll, repeat

  3. he’s walking backwards
    -You’re getting too close, so Bison walks back a little, crouches, repeats.
    -He’s walking back, but he’s sticking out far s.MPs or s.LPs to make you thing he’s not charged, but he really is.
    -He’s made you block a one hit scissors kick (d.LP x 3, far s.MP xx one hit LK scissors), then he walks backwards slightly, then tries to one hit scissors kick again.
    -You block his high jump-in j.HK, he walks backwards a little, you think it’s safe to attack and walk forward, he hits you with random scissors kick.

  4. he’s jumped backwards
    -runaway super jump back, double j.MP, land, random scissors kick (this is very common, watch out for it)

Bison is NOT charged:
-when he’s walking back and forth (trying to play footsies)
-when he’s walking forward (so he can crouch down to charge again)
-when he’s super jumped over your head trying to run away.

Bison’s roll is good.

116 pixels long [27/1U/3R]

It’s not as fast as Sagat’s roll, but the fact that Bison has a highly comboable, two frame startup d.LP makes up for it.

d.LP 300 +6/+6

Bison doesn’t even need to attempt to tech whenever you try to throw him. All he needs to do is stick out some d.LPs, and your throws will LOSE everytime. This is cheap, as only he, Chun-li, and like… Benimaru can do this. Always be very cautious when going for a throw on Bison. Fake him out by going for a counter hit setup more often than you would other characters.

Make Bison lose his charge whenever you knock him down. Dash over his body, cross him up, etc…

Watch for random RC psycho crusher. Scrubs do this all the time. Even when you have full meter!! Make sure you punish Bison for maximum damage every time. (practice doing this in training mode)

Character specific tips:


-Bison sticking out d.MKs can beat your far s.HK, so be careful with your timing. Play real patient when going against Bison with C-Cammy. Walk forward and wait for Bison to do a two hit scissors so you can punish with d.MK. Always be ready to block low.

-Bison jumps really high, but Cammy is a big cross-up target, so be good at doing DPs

-Use the f, f dash, but be careful when Bison has full meter (as he can easily CC, d.HK…)

-Throw Bison… a lot. He’s always charging. This messes him up.

In general, just stay patient and wait for Bison to make the first mistake. Your d.MK comes out in four frames, has great range, and is cancelable into anything.


-Sagat absolutely controls the ground in this matchup. Bison has big trouble against Sagat s.LK and standing/crouching HP. Make Bison want to play footsies with you, and you’ll ALWAYS win in the end. Bison gets guard broken, Sagat d.HP xx super.

-Don’t jump at Bison (unless you’re close and it’s a cross-up). His d.HP beats everything you throw at him jumping in from the front.

-Sagat d.MK is an awesome four frame low attack (just like Cammy’s). d.MK xx super when Bison does a two-hit scissor kick.

-Bison CAN’T duck your close s.LP. Sagat close s.LP comes out in two frames (it beats throws) and gives +6 (!). Abuse this move like no tomorrow when you’re close.

>>s.LP, s.LP xx tiger uppercut, cross-up j.LK, s.LP, s.LP xx tiger uppercut --> Bison dizzy --> j.HK, d.HP xx super --> Bison dead<<

-Go easy on the tiger shots (unless it’s meaty d.HP, s.MP/d.MK xx qcf+LK)

In general, just stay on the ground in this match, and close chip away at Bison’s guard meter. Bison will lose unless you do something impatient or let Bison get a jump-in or cross-up on you.


-Use close s.LP xx ball to punish a two hit scissors kick. When Bison’s too far away however, use d.LP xx ball instead. It’s a little harder to time, but d.LP is still a four frame attack.

-Use LOTS of d.LKs whenever possible. You want to guard break Bison before he guard breaks you (and you die).

-MP ball from full screen, throw (when Bison is sitting there doing nothing all day)

-far s.MP to keep Bison out (so he can’t dash in and combo you)

-cross-up j.MK, chipping electricity

-level one electric ball super when Bison tries to cross you up. You might trade, but you still win.

Thank you can you give me more random cammy/sagat/blanka tricks. I’m gonna buy you a drink at ECC you’ve earned it.


i see myslelf as the best bison player ever,ever.i always jump with him,always(because thats one of his obvious advantages)use weak mixtures of combs high and low,and i have beaten survival mode multiple times with him because he is easy to use against shin a/ult r.i like mixing high and lows as the opponent doesnt expect them(mp,mp,crouched lp,crouched lk etc if thats the right notation) followed by hard punches i hardly ever use his air specials because charging them is too tedious(akumas moves are combinations rather than charges so if i want real fun ill use him and use continuous air fireballs tatsumakikick followups afer using a heavy sweep(you know the button combination,the computer does it aswell)in fact if you want any idea of my skill just play a V.hard shin akuma ,i play like him only i do as i do with bison and mix hp,crouching lp etc in combos,bisons trip ups are very risky ,they are sliding ones,like joes,but geeses and akumas etc. arent that hard because they are in one spot and dont risk being thrown if thing to remeber about computerised bison is that he always uses HKs ,ALWAYS,so use geese middle body blow to block these easy,and gale slice to counter bisons jumping.however the reppuken(wind slice) can be easily countered by a psycho crusher but as you say,bison must charge to do this, and a running jump will easily counter an air gale slash(sorry but if i could use notations i would) using akuma and the sweep/tatsumaki kick repeatedly when you know hes gonna kick is really offensive,and if your quick you will easily be able to counter a psycho crusher from long range using a fireball,however for some strange reason akuma is weak to bison(and several others,especcially shin akuma and ultimate rugal,probably because of their power im sure you know why)sagat is a very good character in the game(he is easily the best against shin akuma) well bison is easy to beat with bison.just use continuous psycho crushers as he advances to kick,and when he jumps use a running jump and hk to counter,human opponents unless experts(but i cant find any peers of me)never expect low trips which is why it is wise to mix them with your combos,rolling when he kicks can be affective followed by throws or weak tatsumaki followed by dragon uppercut

i realise this is hard to read and understand ,i would have used bullet points but im in a rush so sorry.

I know this has nothing to do with CvS2, but I just wanted to say that crazy micks who make no sense are my favorite kind of people. Let’s get drunk!

lots of good information. but you still suck cuz you made gunter close his site :lol: :lol: :lol:

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You have earned my respect my brother. Only if i could beat survival mode…

getting back to the topic. can someone explain the whole AA schema of c.hp? i don’t understand how c.hp is better than s.hp



…please.i make sense,just read it slowly,anyway im not drunk(anymore :wink: ) sorry im new to this site,so can you direct me to a thread or explain what c.MP etc is(probably crouch middle punch or something)

This will help.

The attacks go LIGHT, MEDIUM, HARD. Punches and Kicks.

s. = standing
d. or c. = down or crouching
j. = jumping

There are more too, but you’ll figure them out on your own. For example, qcf = quarter circle forward. Or b, f = back, then forward.

Thanks KCXJ for the link to sonichurricane nice information also thanks for the information on bison.

and I thought this was an anti bison thread.