what are some strategies on beating Blanka, particularly with cammy, ken, and R2 Sagat with C groove? preferrably nothing involving RC’s as i can’t do them.

man sagat owns blanka for free. if he jumps hk him. use hp too. poke with that mk i told you about douche. not like your ‘opponent’ is good. haha

HP and HK don’t reach him man

Sagat’s deep dp+HP can anti-air every jump in Blanka has. Yes, it will even anti-air low jumping Blanka. The trick is to always remain in a crouching position. Sagat’s big and tall, so whenever he stands up, it’s hard to anti-air with him. To avoid standing up after ducking down (or if you’re already ducking), use a shortcut and input all your dps as db, df, d, df+HP instead.

Sagat can also jump back HP or jump back HK if you would rather do that.

That shortcut works? Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeenteresting!

coooool i will try that next time.

I know a way to stop his Electric ball Super… two ways actually.

Do the Middile Surpent slash with Yamazaki.

Or do a light shoryuken with ken/ryu ect. ect.

The Light Shoryuken’s can pretty much stop any reach attack as well (like Vega’s sliding kick). But im pretty sure many of you knew that. Also if you find it that your going up against with someone who will try and catch you in mid air with that, try to psyche them out by getting in the middle of the screen and then jumping backwards with a light Tetsumaki, when you land first quickly you’ll find you will have the opportunity to block. Blanka aint all that. I will give him credit for his long arm reach during a straight jump.

C-groove against banka??? Bad idea!!!

I play N-Terry so I usually play him rushdown style and that seems to work good for me. Most Blankas play keep away thats the only real reason why he’s good so use a run groove to approach the moron. Dont worry about while rising attacks. Blanka sucks there. You can always counter a ball with a running attack. I use Terry so I put the pressure on with crack shots and running pressure strings. I only see problems with Blanka from C or A groove so I dont use A against Blankas. I use to use C-groove, but there are way to many blankas in my area and i ALWAYS got owned, even by players with no skill, but then I started using N-groove. If none of that doesnt’ help than use Bison and do crouching jabs and light kicks and middle kicks for range, to l.k scissors kick if they block and try to retaliate with a ball then block that, then punish him with psyco crusher. Here are some other characters that can fuck Blanka up, Geese, Sagat, Hibiki,Yamazaki,Guile and Cammy. Hopefully my advice can help send that dumbass back to the jungle.

Sometimes I rushdown Blanka when I have to leave the arcade soon :slight_smile:

Whats wrong with rushing down Blanka? There are so many characters you cant’ rush down like Ken or Sagat, but Blanka aint nothing like them. Rushing Blanka down seems to work on just about all the Blankas I play, whether they’re scrubs or not. Pressure strings were made for characters like Blanka. I dont’ know of anyone who can beat a good/cheap Blanka with spacing. Unless if they’re using Geese or Yamazaki, but even then you wanna’ stay kinda’ close to him.

Oh yeah, for all the C players out there I dont really use C, but I do use A. Turns out you dont NEED run, parry or JD. Just use characters with long distance pokes. For example, Sakura’s S.Hk, Cammy’s Spiral arrow and lets not forget Sagat’s C.Fierce. It works whether they Ball or not. I now use A-groove Ken,Geese,Sakura and Bison. Even without N or K-groove, Blanka still dont’ stand a chance. :cool:

Can Sagat s.HP counter his rolling attack??

Yeah. As a matter of fact thats the best thing to do against him. After the ball hits you take a step forward and hit him.

Oh, thanks.
need some timing.

i remember seeing a thing showing what various people can do to hit blanka when he does his blanka ball. if anybody has it, i think it’d be best here since this is the “anti-blanka” thread. i saw it once, and could never find it again. anybody know where it is?

I’m pretty sure that was a Namonaki vid of Gunter’s, in which case good luck finding it since they’re taken down.

i think he was looking for this

edit: this info is pretty out dated. so there’s probrably more moves to punish blanka balls thant the ones listed. and some might not work…but whatever :stuck_out_tongue:

This thread is too sad!!!
The irony is that the most useful thing posted here is something that isn’t even related to Blanka.

Oh yeah whatever happened to Burghy? I miss his jokes haha

thanks, noodleman. it seemed as though i couldn’t do anything against it.

what can you do to stop blanka spammin on low jump m.k/h.k?

The blanka balls vary a lot. But using a running groove and being quick can enable you to reverse it with your most meaty normals. Also a JD will make it super easy to reverse it :wink: