what’s all this i hear about gief being the anti-cammy? my friends a pretty decent gief user and my other friend still whoops him with cammy. i’m not stating any bias here i’m just aking what the logic is behind it…

thnx in adavnce

if he turtles there is pretty much zero cammy can do to get in

oh i guess that does make sense, any way to get around it?

you can try to jump and use the cannon spike, because the attack will go diagonally towards gief.

and if he blocks…you will get punished hard.

You need a lot of luck against Zangief, if he sits there turtling you have to bait your opponent into mistakes or theres not much you can do.

because you can get SPD-ed out of whiffed

(not on recovery but on the actual move it self :frowning: )

true fact,i have been SPDed out of ultra and SA.
This shouldnt be possible :s

ya the only thing u can really do is kite him around. I think zangief is one of the opponents that really teach you how to utilize focus attacks.

Well i have been SPD out of a released fa to :frowning:

how so? I never use focus attacks against a gief for fear of getting SPD’d out of it.

Yeah, FA against Gief really doesn’t work very well. You just kind of have to chip them and run away. :expressionless: It’s a very boring fight.

thats why i said it will “teach” you how to utilize it more. you know giefs actually throw some attacks, not all of them just mash spd and use nothing else. just dont use it stupidly, i didnt say spam FA like a madman.

and who said you actually have to hit with the FA? teach the gief to spd your FA and later just dash out of it. and if it sounds like im saying its very easy to beat giefs. im not. im just reiterating the use of more tools than just kiting him around.

I think focus attacks can work against green hand from the right distance, although its hard to judge.

Ugh Gief is the most boring fight ever… I’m sitting here wondering… “are THEY having fun? cuz this is just awful.” lol some people would rather win than have fun playing the game though. i’m sorry, i know i must be biased, but although cammy may not be a top tier character, she’s definitely a hell of a lot of fun to play.

^^ this :stuck_out_tongue:

the outcome depends on who land the first attack

Ken, from my point of view, is the perfect anti-cammy, because the shoryuken it has starts very low, so if he blocks the spiral arrow you are dead.

I also think that when I play against a turtle zangief… I stay back and jump in with HK… hoping that it’ll hit with the tip of her toe. Otherwise… I backdash away and see what he tries… rinse and repeat until he does something different… or until lariats are coming out XD

Yeah, it’s a uphill battle when it comes to a knowledgable gief. try using jump in HK sniping the best you can and try to bait lariat with lk cannon strikes. if you completely miss and he goes for lariat or SPD, can SA or w/e you fancy.

if they’re turtling hard wiggle in and try to get a grab off. it happens more than you’d think.

I don’t know if he’s the perfect anti-cammy but I do notice I have a LOT of trouble with him. The startup on his SRK is so goddamn fast.

Zangief is easy though, C’mon people.

Balrog is anti-cammy. Guile is very anti-cammy. Zangief? Like a big old teddy bear you can tear open.