Anti chun-Li pressure



The FlipCancelFlip, DelayedFlipDivekick Technique

I hate typing so here’s my videos…





Dude, your Akuma is sick :tup:


well it works but if you seen sbo karoda does that all day to chuns you copy cat naww ur good keep up the good work:wonder:


K first thing that stands out as a problem is that you missed a lot of hit confirms.
Don’t worry about it though cause it says nothing about your play style, which is good, but seriously just hop on the Ps2 and work on those short short supers and especially work on cr mk fireball super hit confirm if your gonna use it so much because that confirm in particular is inconsistent at certain ranges.

That’s just the obvious, and thankfully from what i can tell from your current skill, easy to fix part. Do it the Jwong way, just random guard dummy and set your super to max, within a week practicing 20-30 min a day you’ll wonder how you ever missed those.

Next I’ll give you some gameplay tips:

You seem to like to play fast, which I like too, although at times it seemed you were all over the place for no reason (in your Ken match ups there were a few times where i couldn’t figure out why you went a full screen away to build like 2 down strongs then dash or dive in again). You also used the demon a lot which I don’t use outside of a final round situation but I wont give you any shit for it cause the demon can be nasty in the right hands so keep working with it if you want. Only thing is if your gonna go for demons you’ll want to build meter a lot more than if your not demon oriented so you can afford to wiff some strongs and bait them to come to you, this will give you some extra meter outside your combos to do several demons in a best of 5.

Also you really seem to like the demon flip for ambiguous cross ups, (However if that Ken player ever learns to tech roll :sweat: ) so I thought I’d list some much better ones for you to use in these match ups.

K every time you land a dive kick into hp use those 2 hits to hit confirm a lk tatsu, and then do the cr jab dash under ambiguous cross up (this is not really ambiguous for you since you can delay the jab and not cross up on the dash, or do it early enough and then cross up.

This cross up is great because of how ludicrously fast it happens (some serious magneto BS). From here you can cr lk x2, cr lk, cr lp, cr lk, or close mk to hit confirm super… or do 2 jabs in the dash and kara demon the other way ( I don’t advise this but damn it’s cool, and it beat a wakeup head butt in this very situation :looney: )

The next one is a simple ambiguous cross up on Shoto’s and Makoto (you have to wait a bit on Makoto) that works off a combo which hits them crouching and works (only works) when they quick rise. Basically anything into a mk tatsu, into mp srk, as you land rh demon flip. On a late dive kick you’ll land just in front of them, on an empty cancel dive kick you’ll land behind them.

And the arguably best ambiguous cross up I know of is the one I stole from Kuroda, then tested on the rest of the cast, and it works on all shoto’s and works on Chun and Makoto when modified.

against shotos:
After any connected ground SA1

wiff a far mp, dash forward, rh demon flip; if you execute a late dive kick you will hit them as they wake up, not crossing up, with the most possible frame advantage. This has the added bonus of stuffing any of the virtually zero wake up moves a demon flip dive kick can stuff.

If you empty cancel the dive kick you land behind them (this is very tricky as it’s nearly impossible to see Gouki cross over them).

To do this on Makoto tap down once, quickly, before the far mp, and to do this on Chun li simply replace the far mp with a cr. hp.

The only thing you need to worry about here is timing, this is a hard cross up to execute because there must be virtually no gaps i between any of the executions (the super to the wiff to the dash to the demon flip) for this to work properly.

There are a few other ways to do this on Chun but the one described above is the most concrete in execution.


that’s right I need to work on some stuff… as for the low short, short into super I am so used to confirm it on the 3rd short not 2nd so I need to work on that one right there…

as for the flipping over you’r oponent cancel short-flip before they wake-up it’s just something I came up with to add more pressure specially on chuns, sometimes i would do it without flipping again to see if they jump straight so I can hadouken-Super them…

Only thing I really hate is Fubarduck’s chunLi corner pressure he sure knows how to f**k u up thoug, any suggestions … ???


FubarDuck couldn’t beat my Akuma in casuals at Evo.

The only thing I can remember is that he didn’t seem to cope well with Akuma pressure. Not sure what else I can say.

Oh yes - deep demon flip combos seemed to work on him.

He seems to know how to deal with top tiers very well, but maybe he’s not very used to Akuma…


@ 5:10 that was some Art. AA counter hadou/SA1,C.MP (for bar), dash, HP FireHadou, HK dive kick/cancel, throw. FTW!