Anti corruption official in China found dead, police declare suicide

lol wut

lololololol china doesnt give a fuck about internal affairs.

Hypothetically speaking of course, is it even possible for someone to stab themselves that many times in the mentioned areas?

i would have died after stabbing myself once

They shoulda just given him a Star Trek red shirt uniform. It’s literally suicide taking an anti-corruption position in a commie or islamic country.

haven’t even read anything yet.

but this thread… this title…

hypothetically speaking, if you stabbed yourself it would be because you’re furious at yourself, want to feel pain, or you want to die. someone who wants to die wouldn’t stab himself 11 times. someone who wants to feel pain doesn’t stab themselves all over their body. someone who’s furious at themselves might do that kind of damage, but that’s assuming he was in good enough shape to after the first few stabs. you lose blood when you’re stabbed, pain slows you down and muscles are gonna be much harder to move without a steady flow of blood.

so basically they want us to believe this guy TAS stabbed himself to death

Yeah I would assume it’s not physically possible, unless there are some damn good drugs I’ve never heard of yet