Anti-Dante Strategies

It’s odd to put an Anti-Dante Topic in a Dante forum, but it’s a good a place as any.

Along with Wesker, Dante is one of my most hated characters in MvC3. Everytime I get touched, I might as well put down the controller and go get a sandwich (Something that I actually intend to make a comic on).

I typically have no strategies against Dante outside of dodging him until he slips up on one of his special moves with overly long animations and punishing that or predicting his teleport.

Anyone have any good Anti-Dante strategies?

What do you get hit by?

Teleports are free air throws unless you’re being forced to block an assist.

Dante’s strengths are his range and his versatility. His weaknesses are his lack of speed and low health. It can be tough for Dante to keep quick-moving rushdown characters such as Wolverine off of him, so you want to take an aggressive approach when fighting Dante in order to prevent him teleporting or using one of his many projectiles. Armored characters are also good for getting in Dante’s face and making him afraid to press buttons.

His teleport is not safe unless covered with an assist or other attack, so your strategy to prevent him from teleporting on you can vary depending on the opponent. The smarter they are, the less likely they are to do an unsafe teleport, so you won’t have as many easy chances to air throw them out of it, but they also won’t be teleporting as much. But armored moves and a careful reading of your opponent’s teleport pattern (or lack thereof) will help you beat out the teleport.

Dante also doesn’t really have a good way of attacking low, so I would say most of the time you should be defending against overheads. You should take note of the way Dantes play to note when they are going to hit you high vs. low. Airdashing in with a quick M or H is a very common safe way for Dante to approach. It’s often followed up with a c.L if it is blocked. That’s one of the only times you’ll see Dante actually attack low since his c.L is not very fast and doesn’t have the range that most of his other normals do.

Also, Dante is most effective when his opponents are on the ground, IMO. When I play Dante against opponents who stay in the air a lot, I’m forced to use moves like Acid Rain or Hysterics to cover myself, which can hit the opponent but don’t easily convert into combos. I much to prefer to have my opponents grounded where they are far more vulnerable to Dante’s normals and teleport mixups. So if you can stay in the air, it will be harder for Dante to get at you.

Lastly, always watch out for j.S. It’s unsafe, but it has huge range and if Dante uses it at the tip of its range, he’s very difficult to punish. It can also be cancelled into safer moves like Hammer or Air Play. It hits overhead so once again a reason to block high.