Anti DiveKicks


Can someone list what each characters best reaction to Yun’s divekick should be?

like Yang for example: should he dash back? qcf+lk? qcb+lp? short teleport?

what about Makoto? ex dragon punch? regular dragon punch? c.rh? dash?

can someone say what the best options for each character is?



divekick aimed at the feet: standing roundhouse or backdash

divekick aimed at the chest: parry into chicken combo, or dash

crossup divekick: if you see it coming, dash under

meaty divekick to the feet: reversal EX uppercut

meaty divekick to the chest: parry into chicken combo

meaty crossup divekick: parry/block option select

I don’t have too much experience against Yun/Yang, but I hope this helps.


with makoto, when yun/yang jumps, i tend to jump strait up when they do and try to get them with a mk or roundhouse. watch out for parries though.

i want to say is good too, but dont quote me on that. it works well against dudley so i might be thinking of something different.

c. FP is really good for anti dive kick with shotos imo…

i guess best anti dive kick is try not to get smothered by them…


also when it’s not meaty, jumping straight and, say, fiercing (or anything, really) is a viable option with most characters… divekicks don’t seem to have the best air-to-air priority


block down parry, ***3d, k thnx


I would like to know what the best moves are to do with Urien when Yun is dive kicking at different distances (a reply like the second post in this thread is what I am looking for thx).