Anti-Guile (C-groove)

(Damn it… I can’t get in versus this character.)

Guile’s ground normals:

d.MP 700 +5/+5
19 total frames

d.MK 700 +6/+6 (!!)
21 total frames

These two normals are so annoying! Jumping in, rolling, or RCing is useless against these moves as the recovery for both are so quick. They build meter like crazy for Guile too…

far s.HK 1100 +4/+4 (!)
airborne frames 0~8

I try to walk forward against the above two moves, then I walk in to a million of these *&#@ing things, then get dizzy in about 3 hits as a result… :mad:

b/f+MK 700 +1/+1

You’ve got to be kidding me… Guile gets frame advantage even after this move??

Sonic Boom
All versions 13 frame startup, 43 frames total
0 on the block
+5 (!) on the hit

Not a lot of people know that Guile is actually even on frames after this move is blocked. Everybody just assumes, “Oh Guile can combo me after this, so he must be at +5.” One of the keys to beating Guile is hitting him after he tries to follow up on one of these fireballs.


-The biggest mistake any inexperienced player can make when fighting against Guile is to try to hit him after d.MK. Guile is at +6. YOU CAN’T HIT HIM AFTER d.MK. But he can hit you for a counter hit and that sucks…

-The biggest key to beating Guile is knowing when to JUMP-IN. Kinda tough, but a lot of times a whiffed sonic boom is the only opening a good Guile player is going to give you.

-Pay attention to whenever Guile has a charge or not.

Anybody else have any tips or notes they can contribute? I’m using C-Sakura, Ken, Sagat, and Blanka mostly.

:lol: , yeah this fight is too hard. A good guile is a bitch to fight against. umm the only strat i have against a good guile is to jump straight up when he throws a SB, and try to do psychic dps against his limbs

Even RCed booms have recovery. If you can guess a boom, find a way to hit him. It’s not easy, but if he’s abusing the boom he should give you lots of opportunities.

Is he doing the long range you-jump-the-boom-so-I-superjump-and-smack-you BS? How does airblock do against that?


The only character I have a little trouble with is Cammy, mostly because she cannon drills when I throw a sonic boom. So yeah, for everyone else it’s pretty hard to fight against Guile, he’s top-tier IMO.

i actually remember ricky saying guile was cammy’s hardest fight. you can back + mk over drills and throw if you’re guile, and most of the time the drills will be predictable. and for poking, you throw out standing hk in large doses.

viscant said nakoruru, geese, iori, and rolento do well against guile. but i’m not sure on how those matches should actually be played…

anyway, how does vega counter guile? i’m just so used to hearing it but i don’t actually know why.

sorry, i’m not much help:(

the only way geese can counter guile is if he gets predictable with his normals. imo, guile beats geese for free.

supposedly, rc rekkas owns guile. have yet to seen it happen though so i can’t say for sure.

rolento just runs away forever. :lame:

no clue for nako.

vega has free jump ins. sonic boom is rendered relatively useless because you’ll get kicked in the head every time you throw one out.

without low jump, guile is a huge pain. at least with low jump you can get in during sonic boom block strings. then all you have to worry about is everthing else.

I can imagine a good Guile player being a real pain … there’s a pretty good Guile player here. Low jumps don’t work on him. Its really weird. I just use P groove … if I am not in it, I zone. Make him make the mistakes, jump straight up and throw out a moev that wil stuff out any jumps from an angle (Kyo’s straight jump rh).

Small jump is probably the best all around tool in getting in on Guile. Aside from that Vega does relatively well since his jump in can go over a sonic boom and punish. Nak does decent against guile since she has that sliding attack, but once again a good guile can bait the slide and punish. RC Sak I find pretty annoying when I’m using Guile, since her rc hurricane kind of kills the footsies game. As for your Ken Guile is like an impossible battle ahha. I hate fighting Guile with shoto’s since Guiles sonic boom recovers too fast and you can’t really throw fireball for fireball against rc booms since guile can evantually work his way in jumping over the odd fireball and rcing through them. And its hard to cross guile with shoto’s since his c.fp eats them when he is directly under them. Small jump overall is the best tool against guile since you can kind of skip over fireballs and keep pressure making guile lose his charge occasionally

so how is the Geese/Guile matchup supposed to be played if you’re Geese?

And yea Shoto/Guile matchups are rough for Shotos. I play Roger’s Guile a lot and unless you get in and manage to land a nice combo it is not fun.

I’ve had success with skipping over Guile’s d.MK and hitting him with moves like Ryu toward MK or Chun’s toward HK. Useful because it’s a clean hit but most importantly the Guile player will use d.MK less frequently becasue they were hit out of it once or twice. The fewer d.MK the better for me!

Anyone know why I can sometimes Hurricane Kick (non-RC) over booms but sometimes not? Does anyone think for Ryu and Akuma it is a good idea to learn to RC hurricane kicks when fighting Guile?

with geese, rc jaiken does ok against sonic boom. mp reversal owns obvious guile too. but good guile players will mix it up with both their timing and choice of moves. eventually, geese will guess a reversal wrongly and pay for it. that’s why i feel geese dies horribly to guile. guile’s pokes are generally better that geese’s. again, just my opinion and experience.

RC Jaiken? Are you joking?

I think I’d rather pick Rugal and RC wall grab through everything instead. Guile problem solved right? :lol:

RC jaiken doesn’t even work against Guile’s block strings. If he space it right (d.LP x2, s.MP into boom) he can block your jaiken. Sucks.

Being big doesn’t help either.

i said ok because it works some, not all, of the time. i’m the first to say geese has a hard time against guile. but rc jaiken isn’t as completely useless as you guys are making it seem. besides, he asked what he could do so i gave him a tip that might help him out. geese vs guile requires a lot of geese and any little thing helps. again, you have to try it. and btw, i don’t mean random rc jaiken. if you thought that, you’re wrong.

K-geese owns C-guile

how? i like k geese but won’t play him against guile because getting in is a pain. even with jd, the guys a wall.

K-Geese owns guile like 1 out of ten matches and thats because he hit him with a Raging Storm. Geese cant handle the pressure Guile can dish out in the corner or anywhere for that matter. With his various forward moves (s.HK or f+s.HP) he can hit from affar and predict timing to hit after a Nage.