Anti-head stomp?

ok so i’m now playing sakura. of all things bison does, the head stomp bothers me. when i dash i get stomped, when i focus i get stomped. is there a way for sak to avoid this full screen stomping match? i know taunt 3 goes under some projectiles and lariat, can i use that to my advantage in the match up?

YOU Should PM SABRE… He seems like a helpful guy.

Dude go to Training mode… Pick Sakura… then pick up bison as your dummy… Set the dummy to record and spam head stomps.

Find the answer. Try and stop it. Anyway you can. use Normal ,specials, ultras ,super, ex moves what ever.

I think bison has tracking on the head stomps… so if you walkback when he about to drop on your location I think he will drop right in front of you… as apposed to you head.

focus head stomp builds ultra… but it takes a huge chuck of your life bar… just dont get hit before you can recover your Health.:coffee:

-Sakura’s cr.HP
-retreating air normal
-dash under
-back dash
-walk back(I don’t know if Sakura walk speed allows this)
-walk forward(same as above)
-focus absorb then dash

sabr3’s my hero =D. for that reason i will not add to his thousands of pm’s that i’m sure he has. i will def hop in the training room in a bit. just wanted to get some insight beforehand. i’m thinking the step back into combo would be best. if that works anyway

cr.fierce would really anti-air that??

Yeah, cr.HP works.

Oh yeah. If you decide to use cr.HP, it works against Devil’s Reverse too. So if you do cr.HP but it turns out that they were doing a DR, you recover fast enough to do an other cr.HP and hit him when he comes down for real this time.

The air is no place for Bison when Sakura is the opponent(and oh would you look at that, she’s getting an anti-air ultra in SSF4…)

i know i can’t wait. and then there’s be no more dash to ultra after ex tatsu! i can just ultra! XD

Yo Sabre is cool… he plays cody in Alpha 3 check him on youtube… Send him a PM. Thats what top players are for.

You might need to get a new hero… Hes playing Cody in SS4.:coffee:

good shizz Rioting Soul

LIES! =/ oh well, i shall be my own hero!! muhahaha @_@. not that i think he’d mind pple PM’ing him i’d just rather not be a bother. I want to main juri and ibuki also in super, but that’s a whole nother journey fo me. i think for the time being i’m going to train myself to focus dash from the stomp. cr.F works but the timing on it is weird for me. i set bison to do 2 regular stomps and 2 EX, i can only stop it half the time with cr.F

Thats no good… you try netural jump straight up/ back dash/ walk back yet?

Yo want to find a 100% full proof answer sakura cant afford to make that trade… She’s a school girl.:coffee:

Headstomp is terrible, just backdash and punish … he’ll land right in front of you and be wide open. Or if you’re in the corner, neutral jump.

Could you please try jump back light kick? Dez26 seems to stop my headstomp with that.

i will try out back dashing next then. i would neutral or back jump but if i stuck out a limb and he stomped it i would be highly upset at the street fighter engine

Don’t even need to do that much, it’s soundly punishable by just walking back. Headstomp is a fairly terrible move that will never hit unless you’re in the middle of doing something else. Anyone trying to do it fullscreen is begging you to throw him into the corner.

The hitbox for his headstomp ends around his thighs…maybe his knees. If you can hit him above that, you’ll counter the headstomp. Below, he’ll beat your attack. There isn’t even really any trading…he just beats you.