Anti-Hibiki notes

(Sorry nothing is organized. I’m being half-assed and just writing down whatever thoughts happen to be in my head at the moment.)

Believe it or not, but Sagat’s far s.LK outranges Hibiki’s d.LP and will beat it clean when properly distanced. Throw lot of fireballs at her whenever you’re at a safe distance. Hibiki can super jump all the way across the screen and punish you with j.MP, d.LP xx slash combo, but if you’re throwing smart LP fireballs, you’ll never be hit by something weak like that. Recover and deep DP Hibiki every time she leaves the ground.

An easy mode footsies character like Vega or Cammy can own up Hibiki for free.

Hibiki’s biggest openings:

-Any time she leaves the ground.
Her jump is really slow and floaty. A lot of times when she tries her j.HK cross-up/fake cross-up craziness, she’ll still be in the air even after you’ve recovered from block/hit stun her jump is so slow. What’s she going to do in these instances? She’s defenseless! When I have Sagat, I can actually take the hit from j.HK, recover, then free Tiger Uppercut or super while Hibiki’s still floating around.

She’s caught up in the footsies game and tries to chop your limb with d.HP, but whiffs herself instead. Use your character’s four frame d.MK in this instance. With Sagat, I’ll walk back out of range, (Hibiki whiffs d.HP), walk forward, free d.MK xx super!

If she accidently does this move when you’ve jumped at her already, she’s dead as well. Set up this situation by focusing big time on the ground game. Then when you feel the Hibiki has gotten really itchy with her d.HP finger, walk forward to make her think you’re going to try and poke, but jump in instead. Sagat counter hit j.HK, d.MK xx level 2 xx level 1 takes like 80%. All because Hibiki whiffed one d.HP.

Memorize the range at which Hibiki will most likely use the far, max-range version of this move to get in close. Now always try to stay one step inside this range. When Hibiki does use this move sooner or later, you have two main counters with any character. 1.) You can block it, then use your character’s four frame d.MK to hit Hibiki for free. Keep in mind the reason Hibiki does this strategy in the first place is to bait you into trying to punish her with something slow. You try a 6 frame sweep after blocking the qcb+LP for example. Hibiki gets to block your sweep, then qcf+LP you in your recovery. Don’t let that happen! Always use your farthest reaching 4 frame attack and hit her in HER recovery for free instead. Sagat should always go for d.MK for example. 2.) An even better option is to roll through and combo/throw. Hibiki’s qcb+LP is always at least 49 frames long. Most rolls in the game are 32 frames or less. You can actually see Hibiki start to do her move, then roll on reaction, and you’ll still always recovery before she does. When you have Sagat, you can roll through and d.LK, d.LK xx level 2!

Jump! It’s ridiculous how long this thing takes to reoover. You can also roll through for a free combo. You sort of to anticipate against this move. Again, learn the most likely range Hibiki will try to throw this move out. It’s the range you’re at when the round starts.

-d.LK x 3, d.LP xx qcf+MP
Hibiki’s main combo. It’s not really an opening, but just know that Hibiki is at -17 after the special slash. Whether you’ve been hit or blocked the combo, use this opportunity to gain some ground and put yourself in a stronger position. With Sagat, I recommend you dash forward into far s.LK range.

Common setups Hibiki will use:

-d.LK 2~3, j.HK
-max range qcb+LP, j.HK
-Random super jump, j.HK

The rest of the time she’ll always be playing defensively. Sitting there, sticking out various sword attacks (far s.MP, d.LP, d.MP). Hibiki’s defense is so strong, the biggest times she wins is when people try to attack her too much. Unless you’re in a low jump groove, playing patient and in control is the best way to fight against her. Throw lots of fireballs, make her come to you, etc…

Deadly setups Hibiki will use:

-d.LK, d.LK xx dp+K
-close s.MP xx dp+K
If you get hit by either of these tricks with Hibiki has her level 3 ready… geez, that sucks. Oh yeah, dp+K is -9 on the block. If Hibiki does this move straight up, up close for some reason, Rolento can block, then use reversal level 3 tripwire for free. Iori can do far s.MK xx super.

-RC qcb+HP on wake-up
This move is super cancelable. Be extremely careful about deciding whether to meaty attack Hibiki or not when she has meter.

vs. A-groove Hibiki

-Hibiki can kick throw you anywhere on the screen, then activate CC for free. The weakness to this move is that Hibiki’s kick throw only has a measly 44 pixel range. But still, anytime she’s close to you, has the frame advantage, and/or is in control of the match, be extremely careful not to get thrown. Any situation where you’ve been hit out of the air, but land on your feet, you need to pay extra attention to. Hibiki just might walk up and throw you if you don’t.

-The KKK, b+K, mash on HK “reset” in the middle of a CC actually works. My friend caught me with this trick very recently, and I couldn’t believe it! The lesson I learned is to never fall asleep whenever Hibiki’s doing a blocked CC on you. Either that or alpha counter her off you as soon as you feel she’ll start doing tricky stuff. The blocked CC may do very little chip or guard crush, but the potential for a reset should be good enough reason to never put yourself in this kind of situation.

This is awesome!!!

Thankx a lot man!

You REALLY must hate Hibiki :lol:

I think your notes are a little one-sided, but that’s okay for now because of the topic title. Lucky you :wink:

Some good and true info though. Just one thing : Hibiki players are usually very patient and have a close eye on making an opening. They’re not stupid or something :smiley:

Hibiki also has trouble dealing with people who have good counter-hit/throw setups once you get in… no real reversal outside of a super or RC…

Hibiki is a pain to block correctly when you’re getting up. Spotting the DP+K overhead isn’t too hard to do on reaction, but I dunno about the crossup running slash. I’ve only had that blocked by like the one person I play against all the time, so I’d imagine it’s fairly difficult to block correctly.