Anti Joe higashi tiger knee thread

Figure this might be useful to some folks, as I see Joe spammed a lot, and that move spammed a lot.

back+CD parry is a pretty universal counter, but punishable.

With Ralf, as long as Joe doesn’t space it perfectly, and maybe even if he does, a quick backfist will discourage him from spamming it*. (Fwd+C)

  • It should, but some folks are REAL stupid. Had someone drop on me after I kept punishing, why I’m making this thread. Just say no to Joe spammers.

Sagat = Tiger Knee
Joe = Tiger KICK

Fixed that for you.

What’s up with muay thai and tigers?

jaggar toof!

oh and other cats i suppose :stuck_out_tongue: (fucking adon messing up the trend)

if people spam it, its easy to bait them into using it, block, then get a free throw or whatever counter combo you like.

tigers and jaguars are thought of as symbles of strenth wichis why they tend to be used especially in tailand also the cobra


Adon and Jaguar toof, was what kept me playing the Alpha series…

Yeah Joe, noobs are using him a lot; oh well. I just …ya know, block and unleash unholy hell upon them with combos from Leona, Athena, Kyo or Clark.

Tiger kick (I use Knee cause that’s what people recognize around these parts) isn’t throw punishable.

raiden can also counter with a fwd+C as well.

I’m morally obligated to use Muay Thai fighters. The one exception being Sagat.

Just stand up and block it…

Right On! :rock:

You can even block the first hit low and as long as the second hit is blocked high they won’t go “through” you.

Chin’s the exception. Joe can go over him even when Chin’s standing up.

There really isn’t a perfect Anti Joe tiger kick strategy, not even Chuck Norris.

Also, I’ve been searching around and found the real reason why online play is so laggy, it’s not related to netcode. Joe tiger kicked their servers.

deadlock -> ???