Anti k groove bison/ haohmaru

A friend of mine uses k groove haohmaru and bison I can beat any other characters this guy uses but I have trouble fighting his haohmaru cause he runs away jumps around usually waits till i make a mistake and just uses his fierce slash. I have problems with his bison cause he turtles does the reverse devil stomp slides if i block it he also likes to run away like a bitch when i have meter ot he his a bout to lose.

btw I use either k or n groove r1 terry/rock or Iori/kyo r1sagat and r2ken any tips would be greatly appreciated

play footsies with your ppl against haomaru and wait for him to amke a mistake. and the head stomp for bison, just dp it or crack shot, i think it hits it cleanly.

with iori, make him whiff and then punish. if i were you i’d matchup iori with haomaru all the time. and with bison, cross him up, he’ll lose charge that way.