Anti K: Moves Safe From JD


I haven’t gotten the chance to test, but I have heard that Sak’s RH HK cannot be punished after JD. Was wondering if there was anything else that is safe?


I think there are actually a LOT of moves that are safe from JD. JD doesnt give you frame advantage, it shortens block stun time.


Try listing some then! specifically specials, but anything will do.


Cammy close s.fierce. I found this out when I JDd like 6 of them in a row ^^

Hmm, specials, I cant think of any (other) special that is safe from JD :depress:


Any anti-air special that launches the K Groove person in the air higher than them. In a majority of cases, the DPer will recover before the K Groove person gets a chance to hit back.

The only exceptions I can think of are Flash Kick type AAs (both of Kim’s upward kicks, Guile’s is iffy, etc). Jab DPs from anyone who have them are all safe unless JDed really deep.

FM - I think you are thinking of Tokido vs Ino at SBO, where Tokido kept RCing rh Hurricane Kick and Ino had to JD three hits and KKK hop out of the corner with Blanka.


that’s one, but what actually triggered it is because i was looking at that Rugal GC over in Buk’s thread, and was like “Damn that’s nice, too bad its trivial to JD on wakeup and just avoid the whole situation, and since half the players will be playing K anyway i guess it’s not as helpful as i thought”. So i was looking for alternatives.

Then because of that we get into other thigs, like the previous poster said he can do like 6 s.fierces in a row, i always get thrown before the 2nd, so now i (or someone else) can go back and see excatly what the answer is.