Anti-Ken FAQ

Little portion from my own notes which I had to re-word in a more understandable way - I only make very skeletal notes for myself :bgrin: Expanding on just the ‘full screen’ scenario has taken me a lot of time, but I’ll post it anyway. Hopefully you can see where I’m going with it :tup:

First of all, the legal bit : FUCK LEGAL BITS.

Ken: Matchup in Ken’s favour. Good Ken will know this and take advantage of his ‘stronger aspects’. Must figure out how the player you are playing against uses these stronger aspects - and then develop COUNTERS against them, not just DEFENCE mechanisms. Because once he sees you defending, he can start mixing up and sooner or later he will get through your guard. Now at the same time, this doesn’t mean that you should rush him. Akuma is a blatant rushdown character, but many of his options don’t work well against Ken, so whatever ‘rushdown’ you choose to go for, it MUST be one that you have just developed specifically for your opponent i.e. a certain rushdown pattern worked well against USA’s top Ken player does not mean it will work in the least against Brazil’s worst Ken. Has to be tailor made in the case of Ken because, again, he is the stronger character.

You are not controlling Q here so you cannot wait around for Ken to make a mistake - you must decide quickly as to what you’re going to do AND DO IT. It may backfire, but at least your opponent will be on his toes because they’ve noticed that you’re not taking the shit lying down.

You must first understand what options Ken has at various points during the match. It should be based around this that you develop your counters.

And remember that Ken can stuff all of Akuma’s options to get in from the air, so you will have to play grounded most of this game.

I’ve structured things so that something Ken can do is listed first, with possible followups from Akuma.

Full screen:

Fireball, Ex fireball - parry, wait. If your opponent is the type that likes to run after his fireball while it approaches you, jump straight up over the fireball - be ready to parry an air EX hurricane in the worst case, otherwise just be ready to fireball or air super if Ken gets too close for comfort.

TRAINING MODE: Parry two hits of the EX hurricane in the air, then retaliate with an air super. Not that hard in training, crazy hard in a real match.

Avoid throwing fireballs after a parry. Look at Ken while parrying fireballs at full screen. It may seem at times that you can parry then throw out your own projectile. Ken can time a super jump at this point to screw you over. Besides, were you actually expecting your fireball to hit him??

Stick with charging bar in this scenario. As much as you may hate watching Ken charge his own bar, he can screw Akuma without his bar almost just as bad. So concentrate on getting your own bar as opposed to wasting his. Things get easier for Akuma when he has one super ready, and MUCH easier with two :wink:

EX hurricane - Remember that Ken can cross Akuma in the corner. Even from full screen, he can time a super jump with EX hurricane which will cross and hit you. So be on the lookout. When you do see it - jump parry, crouch block, walk under - making sure blocking in right direction. Very easy to get the directions wrong and you will end up dashing into the EX hurricane. Safest option is crouch block as soon as you see it. Chance of punishment that way if he lands close enough.

Ken dashes a few times to get in. Certain patterns of dash back and dash forward can place him perfectly to go for an ambiguous crossup. Keep moving yourself to mess up his positioning, but ALWAYS be weary of getting crossup up.

Far jump in i.e you can’t dash under him, but a late attack before landing will definitely hit you - dash back straight jump, jump towards with parry, jump towards with hurricane, parry his jump-in, wait for landing then overhead or kara throw or dash throw depending on where he lands.

ALWAYS be aware of getting crossed in corner. Sorry I have to repeat this, but if Ken gets a cross up on Akuma, the round is basically his.

Careful if you want to SA1 jump ins due to possibility of EX crossing over. Wait for the landing frame before committing to throwing out the super. Shouldn’t be too difficult for a full screen super jump in since the EX has to be done quite early for it to actually cross. Remember one thing though - most Ken players won’t try a full screen jump EX hurricane unless they know there’s a chance it will connect. So try baiting it out of them with straight and back jumps. In general however, you should be able to SA1 them out of the air as long the distance is right.

TRAINING MODE - quick sa1. With dashing and walking. Same for short short super. Practice low tech throw jab, short super.

Small addition

Mid screen (just outside sweep range):

normal jump in i.e. does not cross up:
option parry forward
If you get the parry, go for a quick dragon which you should not confirm into super.
If this is hard, then HP. Combo a red fireball off the HP - parry bait for Ken as he lands, plus its not easy to parry either. Dashing in is fairly safe, but I’d avoid it in this particular case since your dash will end at the same time that Ken lands. I believe that if Ken tries to grab you on landing, you wont have enough time to dash back again after your dash forward. This is an example of what I called a 50/50 scenario - not necessarily in your favour therefore unsafe.
If you think the HP wont connect, go for a lp reset. This opens up the possibility for a juggle SA1. If they start parrying the SA1, there’s tons of things you can do to mess up the parrying which I wont mention now since you should be able to figure them out. If you dont want to try a super, just remember that you still have the advantage here so keep the pressure on. For example, Ken might be expecting a juggle SA1 and will input the forward parry while he is airborne - which will defintely leave him open to eating a meaty to BnB combo when he lands (I’ve done this in an RB against Raju’s Urien). Mix that up with command overhead next time, then maybe kara throw next time etc etc. And dashing in this case is fairly safe.

If the jump-in was empty, then do your best to anti air Ken (which is why I said option parry foward to start off with). Make sure you hit him before he can do a deep attack which will end up in you eating a massive combo. At worst, you will trade. Go for HP or jab in this case. Follow up with other special moves to throw off their parrying. Once you condition them to do this, its very easy to get them to parry one hit, then grab them as they land because they’re still expecting more shit to parry. If in doubt, just use dragon > SA1 which is probably the best anti-air option in the game.

If you can anti-air with a standing mp (far version), then use that because a HP or dragon will NOT work at that distance. Standing mp is easy to cancel into other moves, so you shouldn’t be at a disadvantage if you use that - properly that is.

And dont forget that KKZ and Demon work very well as anti airs too, but only use them for the win.

Other things you can try are dashing underneath the jump, jumping up to meet them with parry to punishment ready, or just jump into them with an air hurricane to start some sick juggles. Or just jump away with an air fireball. Thats very safe since the only thing that can go wrong is Ken suddenly throwing out an EX hurricane which he shouldn’t unless he really was expecting you to jump.

If jump ins scare the hell out of you, try teleporting away.

In sweep range:

IMPORTANT - Jumps will most probably cross. With practice and experience, you can mess up cross up attempts quite well. First the easy options:
Block the crossup. Be ready to:
block low in case they go for crouching shorts into super.
tick throw.
Hesitate, throw.
target combo. Since you’re blocking low, using the red parry method I described - this is the perfect time to try out the red parry on the target combo.
Slightly harder:
Dash under, punish. Punishment will depend on whether they tried to actually hit with the crossup. If they did try and it whiffed due to your dash, you can mk sweep combo them. If the cross over jump was empty, they might be ready to parry low on landing, so you need to use your judgement here. Though a blantant hurricane in this situation will keep you safe hopefully, and will also confuse the opponent as to what kind of mind games you are using :wink:
Walk under. If timed properly, you can HP Ken out of the air. In case they parry it, be ready to chain a hurricane in. If you let him land, you should be in comfortable range for a kara throw. If Ken’s mk came out and whiffed, you’re better off going for short short super rather than a combo off mk sweep which I recommended if you dashed under.
Jump back with option parry, super.
Same as above, but straight jump.
Parry the cross up.
Dragon. There is a special way to dragon cross overs. Let me try and explain it the best I can…
Akuma on the left, Ken on the right. Now lets say Ken is jumping over Akuma. Hold down f (right in this case) while Ken is still on your right. Now as Ken is on top of your head, do df(down right), d. As soon as Ken goes to your left, db which is now df (down left) and press punch. So its almost like a half circle back that stops at db. If you understand the game engine, then this method will make sense to you. You have to play around with this though otherwise you wont know what I mean. But to dragon a cross up is something else that will scare your opponent. You can also try going for lk demon flip in this scenario instead of dragon - it looks very confusing and you can easily grab Ken.
If footsie games are going on, then the pokes you should use are standing HP (far and close versions), shorts, standing mp. If Ken does not have meter, use standing mk as well. Remember that the far version of HP is definitely your friend here - the only better friend being kara throw. Now Ken is stronger with the footsies, so the general momentum will be with him doing the poking while parrying anything you may try. So make sure your pokes have hurricanes chained to them if they are parried. But most importantly, look for ways to kara throw Ken during footsies. Once you start doing that, they will have to adapt their game to deal with your throws, which in turn gives you a chance to poke more. Try avoiding parries on the ground - Ken can link supers from both high and low attacks so a wrong parry can cost you the round. Don’t try and play footsie games in the same way as Ken because Akuma simply cannot do that. You should be blocking more in this situation and looking for mistakes or ways to kara throw. Don’t poke Ken - too risky. Mk demon flips might work ok at this distance. It needs to look like a normal jump though - if Ken realises its a flip, he can dragon and there’s nothing you can do. If you play against someone that is a bit too good with parrying, then you have to change the game to a throwing game. Demon flip grabs will work well against such players.
In general, the best way to get in on Ken is actually at this distance. Its just hard. Be ready to use jump ins now. Jump towards Ken with air parries ready and then:
If he did a ground poke at the same time as your jump started, you should be able to dive kick combo him on the recovery of his poke. If you dont see him in poke animation, DO NOT attempt the divekick - too risky. Use a late jumpin HP if you haven’t been anti air’d by this point. That HP will put you very close to Ken and you should be able to control the momentum.

Not sure if I should put any more of these posts up… are they actually helping??

No,no,no! It’s all very interesting. Maybe everybody are just waiting for u to finish it up to start discussing! Like me:)

Lol, fair enough. I will make this the last post for the time being and let some discussion start. This is all based off my experience of the game as well as a fairly deep understanding of the game engine. Following the discussions when I see what kind of things players discuss, I’ll post more relevant stuff.

Ok, lets talk about wakeup.

Ken’s wakeup. Point #1 - STAY WITH HIM!! The difference between the both of you standing and one of you on the floor is so that the standing guy gets some time to get in close. Now you might think “Yeah, but I can get in close without having to knock them down”. If thats the case, then either you are damn good, or the Ken you are playing is rubbish. Because if Ken is waiting for you to try and rush him, he can do tons of things to keep you out.
So on his wakeup, you stay close and plan attacks that are hard for him to 1)block 2)parry 3)punish. Or 4)confuse him.

Now there is always a chance that he will wakeup dragon. In general they will rarely try that. Overall though, good players consider wakeup dragons BAD and will only do them if they see a good reason, not something like “Oh no I’m down and he’s gonna keep pressuring me if I dont do something”. Its hard to describe ways to prepare for a wakeup dragon in addition to keeping the pressure on. All I can say for the moment is that watch what a good player does when you knock him down. Consider the following things
1)what did he do on wakeup - parry, block, special, jump, poke?
2)how did he manage to get out of my pressure game. What did I do wrong that gave him the opening to safety?
3)Was what I was about to do to him on wakeup kind of obvious? What kind of thing would he NOT have expected?

Anyways, Akuma has a very nice tool to stuff wakeup dragons…

Before we get to what you actually do once Ken is about to get up, you have to first consider HOW DID YOU KNOCK HIM DOWN IN THE FIRST PLACE? I say this because Ken will quick recover all the time (assume that at least) apart from when you super’d him. You need to know the different ways to approach a grounded/rolling Ken based on the different knockdown move you used. If you arent at least in cr.short range and ready with a meaty attack by the time Ken has finished rolling, then you haven’t really put on any pressure.

For example, you do a ground RH hurricane. Knocks Ken down. Now even if he quick rolls, two successive dashes from you will put you next to him before you can throw anything out. But even better - if you do a RH demon flip after your hurricane finishes and then go into dive kick (you’ll figure out the timing), you can actually land on the other side of Ken in a very ambiguous way - hopefully Ken wont even be blocking in that direction. Maximum damage combo! You will see this a lot from Jap Akumas. Same after knocking down with Bnb. So then you can mixup - the next demon flip dive kick can be done SLIGHTLY earlier - it’ll look the same except you WONT cross Ken. Another mixup - delay the start of your demon flip, DONT cancel to dive kick until Ken has already woken up and noticed that you’re still in the air. Then just before you hit the ground, do a late dive kick which has a high chance of hitting and chain a massive combo behind it. Sorry, that last mixup was hard to explain. Fuck, I’m gonna have to cut out snippets from videos to illustrate these points innit??

In general however, always try and approach a grounded opponent with a meaty air fireball. This is the incredible tool that stuffs wakeup dragons. Only an EX dragon or well timed super can go through it, but even that is very risky and a good Ken won’t try it unless desperate. And if they’re desperate, the win should be yours…

Go into training mode and play around with knocking someone down and getting in on them with meaty air fireballs. Make sure you follow up with something that contradicts the way they blocked/parried the fireball. For example, a lot of Ken players love to parry the fireball and go straight into dragon. If you did your bit right, then you can land a quick cr.medium kick while Ken is in the initial parry frames. If you think they’re gonna block, one of the best options is command overhead (f + mp). If you think they might try and EX dragon or super through it - block :rofl: That will really piss them off! This should be the basis of your wakeup game and build around it.
Examples (All assuming you did a perfect meaty air fireball)
demon flip grab
another air fireball
command overhead, standing HP
cr.short, kara throw
if they parry, kara throw
standing mk (close knee version), follow up with super or throw as I described in some other post :arazz:
Jump away and do a late air fireball - then you can dash back in again - looks very dominating and will scare the Ken player
etc etc

Remember that you can abuse the kara throw in this situation, but I would recommend against it simply because you can do MORE damage by going for pokes. The meaty air fireball will throw off Ken’s momentum giving you a slight chance of getting more pokes in.

One more thing before I stop typing this one (work finished so going home now) - learn to ‘hit confirm’ an air fireball into air super fireball. This works well during wakeup (Ken’s). So you knocked him down and say you’re right next to him. In fact you just stick to him waiting for him to get up. And because you have been kara throwing his ass all day :wink: he’ll probably expect the same again. The moment he is ready to be thrown, jump back with an instant air fireball. If you saw Ken flinch in any way, confirm a super into it. If Ken was just blocking, dont super. Requires a bit of practice, but not too hard.

In fact, air supers are a very good weapon against tech throw attempts.

Have fun. Hope this is helping.

Nice one, Naz! I’m not very experienced in Top Skilled Ken match-up, but for my game i’d say that the main thing one need to keep an eye on during wake-up is blocking crouching, cause everything he can do in this situation is to throw/uo/overhead u and it all can easily be evaded/parried–>punished. If he even managed to throw u a couple of times he would try to make mp,hp,bla-bla,–>SA or his la-la-la, so this is the moment u have to be blocking and ready to punish. It sounds very simple but in an rushdown game this is the basis i think, cause skilled players will try to make u nervuos dashing back and forward trying,lk/lk,lp,lk–>SAIII at u. Keeping crouching block won’t give Ken player the opportunity to rush u down with just two succesful SA attacks. If u get used to current Ken player style u can SRK–>SAI him on ur wake-up if U 100% sure it’ll hit. By the way, I think one needn’t be concentrating on keeping two bars for SGS in Ken match-up, if there is a chance to eat more of his health - do it!

DAM GOOD thread against Ken, reading this made me see my flaws against the golden hair fool, especially on the wake ups and up close tips:tup: :rock:

Thanks for making this FAQ, HarmoNaz. It’s a help to all Akuma players.

Akuma waking up…

Obviously, this is a scenario you do NOT want to be in :sad:

First thing first - always try and quick roll. If you were knocked down mid screen or something by a sweep, then a quick roll will wake you up before Ken is in a comfortable position to try any mixup he likes. A quick roll limits his options therefore giving you less to worry about - but there’s still enough to worry about :arazz:

If you’re in the corner however and Ken is already on top of you, then you may want to NOT quick roll at times. The reason is simply the opposite of what I described in the earlier post about Ken’s wakeup - he is probably planning on a nice combo which requires you to quick roll in the corner and for you to not roll will throw off his timing thus forcing him to come up with another plan. As a side note - I do this A LOT against Urien when he gets me in the corner as its much easier for me teleport on a normal wakeup out of an aegis as opposed to roll wakeup.

Now, in theory, Akuma has every option of a safe escape on wakeup - you just have to guess right. You can argue that the same is the case with every other character, but more so with Akuma due to his large variety of moves. Here’s the order in which I take things:

  1. Wakeup hurricane. This will usually beat all moves that Ken will use on your wakeup. Think of it as a dragon with slightly less priority.

Strategy: So lets assume you were succesful with the first wakeup hurricane. Ken’s going to prepare for it now…
He can do a meaty attack on your wakeup which the hurricane wont save you from. Standing RH, sweep from far will do the trick. Meaty UOH or target combo will work from close. Most Ken players will go for the far option, because the close options can get stuffed by a wakeup dragon.
He can block it the same way he would a wakeup dragon. If you used RH hurricane, and he crouch blocked, chances are you will cross him and the last hit will launch him. A quick sa1 will get him in this scenario, though there is some notable damage reduction. If he blocked high, he may be ready to punish. Punishing this isn’t that easy - he must do a reversal super (easy) or reversal dragon (hard). Choose the best option of what to do when the hurricane finishes. If you are fairly sure that Ken may block high or is at least anticipating the hurricane, go for the mk version as it finishes quicker than they expect and you can get a quick throw in before they realise :wink: And if the mk hurricane actually connected, then you can juggle with a mp dragon or HK hurricane followed by taunt.
Ken will need a lot of balls to stay in your face when you’re using random hurricanes. If he doesn’t, he’ll keep his distance on your wakeup so your problem is solved :tup: Otherwise…

Lets say you’ve exhausted all hurricane avenues. Next option:
2)Teleport. Only go for this if Ken is on top of you when waking up. If you think that he’ll throw something out and your wakeup hurricane wont beat it, then teleporting away is your safest option. You must be sure he isn’t looking out for it, since he can easily run after you and hit you when you recover. Mixup the pp and kk version. Also try teleporting back into the corner as this can look very confusing at times. This leaves you open for a small duration though, so be careful when using this. One thing I do at times is teleport back into the corner, then teleport straight out again. Makes you look like a stylish coward :xeye:

  1. Block string reversals. Hard to explain really. Basically, let Ken do his attack, but block it. Go into either a hurricane, kara throw or teleport straight after blocking the attack. Works great against tick throw mixups.

Learn to block:
If you’ve decided in a particular instance not to go for any wakeup specials, then you’re obviously deciding to block.
Crouch block is your default here. UOH linked to super or dragon will only work at certain ranges and times (meaty) - all you have to do is know those ranges and times so that when Ken tries it, you’ll be ready to block high. In other scenarios, DO NOT STRESS about getting hit by UOH. Damage is rubbish and stun is negligible. Axe kick (b + mk) has a startup which is slow enough for you to reaction block. If you’ve got good reflexes - parry it. And remember the reversal hurricanes and kara throws while you block :wink:

If you’re trapped in a corner, here’s one thing you can use which I find incredibly useful:

Jump back. Now Ken will be ready to parry an attack which you’ll throw out and punish you, or maybe anti-air you. This is a pure guessing game now for Ken. You can parry his anti-air and screw him up. If he waits for you though, go into a late air fireball, then teleport out as soon as you land. Whether he parried or blocked the fireball or not, the teleport should keep you safe until he’s recovered from the fireball.

And if, like me, you just end up in a pressure situation that you dont know how you got into and your mind isn’t thinking straight and you’re positive that one plus one equals three etc etc… in other words, you go for a wakeup dragon, ALWAYS try and chain an sa1 into it. A dragon on its own will get punished with a maximum damage combo, but punishing a blocked sa1 usually means settling for just sa3 or maybe>sa3 if their timings are very accurate.

Other stuff which I couldn’t really fit in anywhere else:

demon flip on wakeup. This move has a 1 frame startup. The point? If Ken tried a combo, the first hit will knock you out of the demon flip which will reset you. Hopefully Ken will still combo into whatever special move which should whiff since you’re in a reset state. You just MIGHT be able to punish him on your landing. If he hasn’t attacked you, go for the grab option. Next time round, you’ll get dragon’d if the Ken player is good :arazz:

crouching light kick, combo into hurricane. A nice high low mixup which is a nightmare to parry, and looks confusing when blocked. Very hard to punish the light kick if parried since the hurricane comes out very quickly.

Wakeup demon - do it if you’re SURE the opponent isn’t expecting it.

Wakeup kara demon - if a demon is anticipated and they wait just out of grab range. Kara the demon to close that range :badboy:

Wakeup Dash Demon - if they’re waiting for you to do something, but outside even kara range.

Wakeup kkz - For people who like to jump near you in case you tried a demon. In fact, if you know they’re going to jump - let them. Demon them as they land :rofl:

Instant air SA1 - good for going over ground pokes and avoiding throw attempts. Requires very strict timing on wakeup though.

Crouching short short super - Obviously if you haven’t been poked first. Requires sharp observation skills i.e. you have to spot within that split second of your wakeup that you haven’t been attacked and that Ken isn’t in the middle of starting an attack either - get in there first!

Lk hurricane - :wtf: Try it though - the results can be interesting :wink:

Ok then, thats the most I’m gonna post on this topic. Anything else Ken related just post/ask and I’ll try and answer or find an answer. I hope this helps improve your overall Akuma game :tup:

Oh, that one is damn cool! I haven’t thought of RH tatsu to be so useful on wake up:) i’ll try to add this feature to my game too and report of the results:) But for wake-up SRK, I still wouldn’t recommend to do it even with sa1 cancel cause if u eat sa3 in return u’ll be seriously dissapointed:(
Naz, how do u think, can u give me some piece of advice about fighting deep-turtling Dudley?

Turtle Dudley loses to Akuma most of the time in my opinion. I think the Japs consider Akuma to be Duds worst matchup. I thought it was Ryu :xeye:

Zone him with your standing mp. The far version actually stuffs most of Dudley’s ground pokes fairly well. There will be the odd occasion where it doesn’t, but hopefully you’ll have Dudley on the backfoot with your mp. The only other poke you should use in close zoning is The point here is to frustrate Dudley on the ground - his main game against Shotos involves jumping in as far as I knew. Use far mp as an anti air as well. ALWAYS try and anti-air Dudley because he gets a ridiculous advantage if he manages to get in close. Far mp is good because you can cancel into other specials before Dudley can hit you. This sets up a whole new avenue of mind games which, hopefully, you should be in control of. If his jump in is very close i.e. your far mp turns into a close mp, then use lp to anti air him. If the lp is parried, go into hurricane.

Abuse hurricanes to start off since he can’t punish them with his normals. He can with a super though, so be careful. A good tactic is the first time you use the hurricane and he blocks, option parry low after you finish :wink: Be warned though - Dudley can perform stun combos on Akuma if the player has above average execution - so one red parry off your hurricane may cost you the round…

Don’t try and do the advanced juggles with medium hurricane on Dudley because they dont work :sad: Also, after landing lk hurricane, instead of the normal HP dragon, I’ve seen Macchi/Match, who is one of Japans best Akuma players, do lp dragon then use the extra time gained to get in close. Plus its not as easy to connect all 3 hits of the HP dragon on Dudley during BnB :xeye:

Dudley has terrible throw range, so you should be giving him a hard time with kara throws. Figure out what throw setups your Dudley opponent is using, and beat him to it by using kara throws. For example, people love to cancel a poke into the duck move and grab. Maybe mix it up with low parry or just an attack. If you ever see the duck and it looks like it’ll end up very close to you, option parry forward for in case an attack comes out from the duck, then kara throw.

Avoid using air fireballs against him, unless its used to get in on him while he’s down. The reason is his duck move - comfortably goes under air and ground fireballs. For the same reason, dont throw out ground fireballs against him either in the hope of him parrying and you moving in closer.

Best to play this match grounded as Dudley can anti air Akuma quite well. Not only that, but his duck under your jump into a reverse super is just painful!

Dudley has the best wakeup game, so you need to be slightly reckless on wakeup. Chances are that you cannot block his f+ HK overhead on reaction as well as cr.shorts - and both of these can chain into super :sad: Just make sure that you always ROLL when knocked down, and look for chances to teleport away if Dudley is on top of you. And if you EVER see him throwing out the rose - TELEPORT! Not to run away, but because the rose gives you that time to teleport away.

Going home now, can’t be bothered to type more. Dudley shouldn’t give you a problem if he’s being controlled by someone that isn’t miles better than you :tup:

Good stuff Naz. I’ve got most of this built into my game so I’m all good.

Naz, great thanx! I haven’t played that Dudley yet but i really see that this would help! Esp. that thing bout far and crouching mp! Man, u just don’t know what u are doing for all Akuma players, i think u are the most theoretically equipped Akuma player of Europe or maybe the whole world(cause i think that japs are just prodigies and can’t explain why they pwns all around)! Keep on!

Thanks for that D, makes me feel happy :blush:

Now to be an asshole for a change, check out this thread. I KNOW you will love it :wink:

Dunno if you guys heard, but SBO is over and the champs were Spellmaster J (Ken), Knit/Nitto (Yun) and MOV (Chun). Top tier team duh. Though out of all 32 teams, they were only 1 of 3 ‘top tier’ teams. Interesting result.

Second was Match (Akuma!!), Boss (Makoto) and Ochibi (Yun). Anyways, what made me happy was that Spellmaster, who is one of Japan’s best Ken players next to Daigo, lost to Match in the final. Akuma kills a top tier :rock:

Match got killed by Yun though.

Damn, I should have written an anti-Yun FAQ as well. Sorry Match :rofl:

I really wanna see those matches!!! Can’t wait for them to come out.

Yep! There sure is much to see! Match power one! Think that Gouki will be in top5 since that day! 04.05.06! Magic? Satsu no Hadou! :slight_smile:

aye yo harmonaz, u should make an anti-faq for each character gouki fights :wgrin:

I find that you should never do sweep against ken, unless you catch him dashing or in a guaranteed spot…but even then you could probably do something better unless hes at your max range on other moves or out of max range…haah…shippu will kill you.
also naz what is the best option after you parry ken’s anti air hp. isn’t it unpunishable?? it might be.

Not sure which one you mean. Close HP (like the second hit of target combo) or cr.HP? You can punish both of those if you parry them on the ground quite easily. If you parried in the air, then whether or not you can punish depends on if you’re still in the air long enough for an attack to come out. The best and most sure way of punishing after an air parry is to throw out his SA1

yo naz, wut are some of gouki’s other meatys? u mentioned the air fireball and cr mk. theres also up close mk. any others?