Anti Lag tatics


As we all know when a fighting game is played online, their are few things player need to watch out for. Their are tactics are strategy that are use to gain advantage by abusing the lag or delay in game.

I made this thread so we can record some of the most popular ones use and how to counter the.

One noticable one i been expose to more than jins Ice car is tager.

Some reason if you main hakumen, expect to see a lot of player switch mains randomly to tager. Surprisingly this match up suppose to be even but in online play, tager has an advantage against you.


Best bet is to play people from the same coast you’re on(or even better, same state). This way, you won’t have much delay.You can get out of Jin’s Ice by mashing Left, right in rapid succession. Mashing on other button won’t help you get out of his ice. Mind you, this only works for If the ice was escapable in the first place.


Hmm I main Tager and sort of sub a couple others. I honestly don’t see how lag helps Tager, the lag goes both way. Tager is very slow already I mean. One thing Tager do well against Haku alot is his 360A, also throw> Haku’s drives, but Tager can’t do much against IAD stuff. I don’t know how lag helps Tager against Hakumen since I don’t play AS Haku so it would be great if you explain more.


Random hits from Tager hurt a hell of a lot more than anyone else, and if they know how to combo, that’s 40-50% easily. Not to mention random 360s for 30-40%.


If you have to resort to using anti-lag tactics, you are playing the wrong people.