Anti-Makoto Option Select?

It’s hard to get use to. It’s not something you can practice at home, so I can only really test it out when I play on the weekends. I hope to test it out more this weekend though. I was also hoping maybe other people could help test it too (hence, the thread).

You have to figure out which situation is best for your character to guess correctly.

Chun, Yun, Yang, Necro, Dudley and Urien have excellent punishments for correctly guessing against Karakusa.

Almost everyone has a decent punish against a blocked Hayate. Makoto included.

Got a question. I play Yun.
Only 2 ways to get out of karakusa:

  1. Jump
  2. xx dash punch

As for case 1,
almost everytime I came down from the jump and tried hit an or something else, makoto recovered parried my air attack. <---- I get punished
If I dive kick, this just brings the game back to 50/50 again.
If I land and then combo, I get throwed or parried half of the time
If I land and throw, it’s not even a good punishment, and I get teched sometimes.

Case 2, not a good punishment, either.

So am I missing something here?

Ok, so I’ve been toying around with this option select for the past couple months, playing casuals with a really good Makoto player and doing extensive testing at home. And I’ve decided that it does actually work in regards to the listed variables, and only fails against certain variables assuming you time it right.

Of course it isn’t perfect, there are still things Makoto can do to force damage, but it works against LK xx hayate / karakusa stuff . If you time it properly, here’s what’ll happen:

Block: c.LK / LK -> hayate / oroshi
SJ out of: Karakusa / oroshi
Get hit by: MP -> hayate / MP -> hayate -> SA.1 / SA.1
Get knocked out of the air by: c.HK / HP / j.HK

After testing this for so long I’m almost certain there’s something in 3S that’s similar to GGXX#R’s “fuzzy blocking”, for those familiar with that system. Maybe some one more familiar with the 3S engine has some info about it. I don’t want to get into it too deep though.

Anyway, it’s not that major of a breakthrough for me, since it only applies to post-hayate mixups. It fails during wake-up and post-reset mix-ups because of more random variables like overheads and tick throws. And if the Makoto player realizes that you’re doing it (and the Makoto I play against regularly, did), then the player will start doing more of that random stuff like j.HK or just start picking SA.1.

However, I did at least notice enough of a difference to keep using it in moderation with other options. And it may be possible to add in an air parry to avoid a lot of other variables (like the “knocked out of the air” ones). But MP and SA.1 would still cause problems.