Anti-manx virus removal and food truck


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So the photo was manipulated by an evil technological scientist

As shown, the prominent words and only ones readable are:

Here is the unfiltered image.

Please note :
What the fuck is with the big fat kids desks up front at the chalkboard?
So do you face towards the other wall in the room?
Is this the education she has been given?

No wonder, 6 words after “SHRIEK” she’s calling for her mama.


I’m oddly not confused at all…

This makes all the sense in the world, like I was born to grace upon this posts presence. 10/10 post will vote again.



You can’t vote again. 1 vote per person.

These are pretty well known rules with regards to voting, especially these days towards a presidency.




Srk has no voter id laws, I do what I want


Spelling, grammar, sensory, computational, reasoning, communicating, emotionally poem sharing, and so on, so many, etc.

I can’t help you with your many problems. Passing it off in the chain.

Has Manx sent you something thru E-Mail

And… you already opened it.

Ok, so it probably looks like one of these examples:

The names will be as followed, to denote them and specify easier in conversation:

  1. Full body coverage.
  2. Blue Green Water Splash.
  3. Window Rubix Cube Gradient Stairs.

Let’s see which one people have the most of out of these and we’ll figure out a solution for the most widespread one from there. Its only logical, sorry to the others.


I read the title as MANX ANUS REMOVAL.

I been hacked.








Y’all niggas need Jesus


Beta needs Manx


proof manx needs to expose folks



What you got on that food truck? I could use a turkey leg.


You need to shut the goddamn fuck up!


It seems he is infected in one thread

But is not affected here.

Like he’s role playing.


Yeah, he got them… Beta blockers… :rofl:



I voted VI because I just totally ripped off Jinx’s defacement of her League page back when she was released.



I wiped my ass and feet.
I’m immune.


The Manx Virus thread has all that animation, that’s not even animation at all.

  1. You are infected beyond your inner ears
  2. Go ahead and stop trying to spread the infection, nobody wants that.
  3. Subscribe to the ANTI-MANX Cable unscrambling package with INTERNET to prevent packet loss:

For example on what you are missing out on. Customer person.

  • only the caption

  • only 20%

  • only the eyeballs and piercing look

  • only too dark even for a cinematic letterbox

  • only the heat signatures

  • only one booby

Look at the difference.


You charge per gif. We charge peeee333r3r pixel. Who is superior?