Anti-Morrigan Character?



what is the best character to go against morrigan.
i mainly want to stop that f’n rushdown shit she has

kthxbye :stuck_out_tongue:


I personnally use Morrigan and I can manage to beat every caracter with her, BUT when I plays against HER I feel comfortable with Blanka (or Sagat)… I use K-groove so I can use small jump and the Blanka ball seems to punish Morrigan when she "runs to much"on you OR to get away from her (hop KKK is also good). If the guy is trowing a lot of Fireball you can always slice under it if you’re fast enough (don’t know about RC fireball)… BTW I don’t know for sure if its good for everyone but it works for me.




now that i got that outtta my system…here’s what i do!

Welll…just use yur invincible dp’s when she crosses you over!


Dude Eric.

Pick a top tier.

The end.



LOL :stuck_out_tongue:
Thanks brian
yea i play sagat and blanka. but shes just a bitch i guess. im working on it and im getting better against her.