I am FourWude. I am anti-New World Order. I am against the control and subjugation of nations by narrow minded interests of small groups. I am against a unified World Bank, unified government and unified military, simply because the concentration of so much power into the hands of the few is the greatest threat that humanity faces. I do not trust the governments of the world. Democide is a bigger killer than wars and makes terrorism look like a small ant compared to the Himalayas. I don’t believe in surveillance and police states. I don’t believe in the government as the protector of all existence. I don’t believe in a micro-chipped/tracking society. I don’t believe in financial manipulation of money for the benefit of the few. I don’t believe in Interest on money as a means to economically bondage human beings. I don’t believe in small, narrow minded secret societies who use politics as a means to their ends, government should be open, NOT closed.

I am but one man, but I’m gonna kick the NWO’s ass so hard that the next NWO-wannabe is gonna feel it. :smokin:

Now who’s with the NWO and WHO’S WITH ME!!


Let me ask you something OP. Do you own a cellphone?

Don’t turn your back on the wolf pack.

Nope. I don’t NEED one. Simple as that. Why pay for something I’m barely going to use.

Or you’ll end up in a body bag!

LOL, I was waiting for someone to say that.

hey yo, survey time. is everybody here to read fourwude’s post or is everybody here for the NWO?!

Probably wouldn’t work under the tin foil hat anyway,

New World Order.

OP can be Vincent.

This is the perfect time to bust back the nWo avs.



You’re either with us, or against us.

Does that mean you are for Hollywood Hogan or not?

Sigh, I miss NWO :frowning: Scott Hall was the bomb back then: [media=youtube]iWe8qu6-0EU[/media]

fa-fa-fa-fa LYFE

Never a big fan of wrestling.

man i miss AHVB, at least he was kinda cool

Do you believe False Flag Operations are tin-foil conspiracy events?

This thread got derailed like a motherfucker, but I’m loving it!

Can you hear me even with all that tinfoil wrapped around your head?

I gotta go with the main theme that everyone remembers them by.


Nobody can fuck with the original three, Hollywood Hogan, Scott Hall and Kevin Nash.

No I’m a thicko. I was brainwashed by the CIA, like a conspiratorial mind altering operation which was called MK-Ultra.

Of course it’s all a conspiracy.