watchu know bout that lWo

I always wondered what would have happened if Eddie Guererro would have challenged Hollywood Hogan.

Hogan would have buried him, of course, but the potential of an actual match could have been great.

we used to mouth that theme song when we walked in rooms to announce our presence

WOW-oh oh WOW WAU-uh oh WAW oh oh WAUW WAAAU

Damn! Check out the King Cobra Snake bite on Randy Savage at 1:48 lol. Stumbled upon it while looking at NWO footage. [media=youtube]5GMqHQkHhjE&feature=related[/media]

How long till this thread gets closed?

Shawn Michaels and Sean Waltman (X-Pac) have both been on the NWO and DX…I just now noticed that.

I masturbate with my right hand. Swift motion, keeping most of the action on the head area. I ejaculate into tissues that I flush, then wash my hands thoroughly twice.

Also, I want to take over the world, and when I do your piddly-little “I think I’m deep and political because I spew a bunch of nonsense I wouldn’t understand if my life depended on it” movement will be ground into dust.

Dr. B has no Void-style dark side, so hopefully that sumbitch is on MY side.


do you like this song op? i do, wanna be friends?

Do you remember how the WWF shows would always put a big red X so the bite would be “censored.”

I also laughed at the Rockers betrayal, especially when Bobby the Brain Hennan said, “Jennetty tried to escape by jumping through the window!” What a dick the Brain was, but damn was he ever classic.

remember when there were more people in nWo than not, even Sting joined

that is when it started to suck

To be honest I don’t give a rats ass who’s side your on. The last two sentences of my original post was a bit of humour taken directly from Guile’s speech in SF2 The Movie.

As for spewing politics I wouldn’t understand. I’m a major in Political Science and International Relations, focusing mostly on theoretical ‘Realist conceptions’ of the world, which is a pre-cursor to much of the Neo-Conservative movement which dominates Washington today.


Brian Adams. Mr. Wallstreet. Vincent. Big Bubba. Really? cmon man.

nWo 2000 was even worse. Can’t forget about the bootleg ass version in the WWE too.

The Band in TNA. Yup. Awful.

What? Those guys were classic characters. Besides, they were with the nWo from the beginning. Well, after the original three, the Giant and X-Pac. And Million Dollar Man, Rick Rude, etc.

How can you not like Crush, IRS, Virgil and the Big Bossman?

The 2000 version did suck. Really, Jeff Jarrett the leader? With those bald twins. At least Scott Steiner gave them some credibility. The WWF one could have worked … I was hyped as fuck about it.

Don’t get me wrong, they were fine in the WWF and in WCW but to put them in the nWo? They were basically jobber status. Vincent got punked out so many times, it was hilarious :rofl:

Say whatever you guys want, Wolfpack Sting was :rock:


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I remember hearing about how once Chris Jericho was supposed to job to nWo Vincent, and basically out-right refused, saying something like he would rather job to Nick Patrick (the corrupt nWo referee).

Poor Vincent.

Did Vincent ever win anything, ever?

virgil won the million dollar belt from ted dibiase once. he only lost it back because repo man screwed him

awesome virgil picture -

This ain’t an alt account and secondly I don’t give a rats ass, I’m just laughing my ass off at what’s happening to the US. Oh noes this is cointelpro disinfo conspiracy crap. The US government could never do anything bad, EVER. Next you’ll be telling me that govts engage in state sponsored terror, pff, conspiracy nut.