Anti P Groove Thread


hey. i wanted to make a thread that i’m not sure has been discussed in detail. anti p groove. as anyone whose played a decent p groove player can tell you, p groove makes you change your game completely. post some strats you use against parries. and don’t post something stupid like pick a sak.


Don’t be predictable. Use a rush down strategy, the small guard they have will get crushed in no time.
I love doing K vs P. Although I need to practice up on JD.


I wrote this a while back. I’m not very good, so if its not good don’t complain. Just trying to help.

Those that master P groove don’t parry very often, only when they know they can capatilize off of it.

There’s a trick to punishing a parry. Lets say you are Ken, and the opponent is waking up. You know the opponent LOVES to low parry on wake up. So you mash cr short, and as expected he parries the cr short and proceeds to punish. However, you DP him out of it. Entirely possible, since you CANCEL the cr short. This will mess up the P groovers mind, and make him think twice before retaliating after a parry, much less parry to begin with. Find out what moves you can cancel to punish the parry.

Next is stopping the jumping P groovers. This is really tricky at first … but there’s a number of ways to do so. I’ve stated them before.

Multihit Antiair (Ken’s DP)
Sweep (explanation shortly)
Cancelling moves (explanation shortly)
Walk/dash/run under the jump and punish from the other side
Anti air supers (Sagat’s high fireball super)

Using a sweep to antiair is very tricky against the P groover. For one, if they attack, you can trip guard them with the sweep or something like Ryu’s cr mk. I like to do cr short if they start falling down from the jump and nothing comes out. Covers me pretty well … I’d really stick to cr short/ cr mk with most characters.

Cancelling certain moves. An example, is Ryu’s cr fierce. On the early frames of the animation, you can cancel into a special or super. The timing is hard at first, so get used to it. You can do stuff like cr fierce (parried) dragon punch, or if you really want to make them pay, cr fierce (parried) xx shin shoryuken. They fall right into the hit.

Thats all I have.


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PS - my avatar isnt my team its just my 3 fav characters and my groove:lol:


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to flash: :lol: calm your titties, youngblood. when you can actually beat me you can gloat. i’m just trying to find better ways around p groove in general. i already rape a so i just want to make sure random p isn’t going to be a problem. tical.

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right now my team is P vega, sagat, kyo


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Terry, Vega, Kyo


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get off the pipe. he sucks without roll. and don’t talk about jose’s k terry. that shit is an anomally.


Robert sigleys k terry GREAT O_O.

P.S. I play k terry.

p.s.s. you should’nt play p kyo and vega 'cause you saw makoto play them. Remember he’s half god your not.:lol:


actually i dont play a character becuase I see someone play them if it was like that I would be playing P rolento, sagat, chunli





Now that CvS2 tournies are all held on console, Sigley can’t cheat and look at your buttons anymore. I wonder how good his K-Terry is going to be now… :lol:



Ask him yourself you dolt, Sigley has admitted this for over a year now. His main reason for losing in the tourney was also this, he’s still mah nigga though.


Haha I only say it because everyone says I do it but I don’t. I didn’t JD one thing all ECC though because I was playing on a cabinet with no sound and I dunno I played so much that when I hear the noise from a move coming out I JD like you know conditioning or something, then there was no sound and I didn’t know what to do and got raped

I’m a bigger gimmick than roll super =)


normal moves make sounds? like a c.rh makes sounds??? haha wtf…

im outi



JD without sound is kinda hard…you’d have to psychic it instead of jding on reaction. I also had to play K groove on the Monitor at ECC, and it was hella hard trying to JD without sound.

btw, ArcadeKid from Montreal use P Terry, and i’m pretty sure he top 10’d at ECC9. He doesn’t need a roll, just st.fp xx dash punch, and dash (parry) sweep.


His terry sucks:lame: