Anti Phoenix Technology


Some anti phoenix setups that I figured out with my team. Tell me what you think!

Here’s the thing about all these anti-phoenix videos, your’s included (which btw, is really good).

They tend to include character combinations that aren’t practical for normal people to use, mainly because the teams are so specific. (Note: this is why I think yours is so good, you have a lot that work if you use only she-hulk, or she-hulk and tron (very common combo)).

But at the end of the day, it’s mostly situational. There is no guarantee that you will be able to land these, especially since most of these set up’s start off the ground.

I’ve played about 3000 matches (only about 500 ranked though), I am ranked at top 500, I play high lords and 1st lords almost non-stop. I am not saying this makes me good, but it does mean I’m not just playing newbies. I have never ever caught Phoenix on the ground except when I snap her in and she doesn’t air dash out of wolv/akuma mix up (which is rare with the higher ranked people, which means I need to super jump up and force her to the ground and keep crossing up).

She useually just jumps up, throws fireballs, teleports, hits, jumps, throws fireballs, rinse and repeat.

So yah. I think people need to stop trying and make ‘phoenix tech’ where they try to exploit her transformation sequence, and more where they try to figure out how to deal with her as a character.