Anti-Pressure Moves/Tactics



Hi guys, I’ve settled on Blanka as one of my main characters and I’m slowly progressing with him, things I’ve read here have helped a lot. I’m having major trouble when I’m being pressured though. Particularly dealing with crossovers and when I’m knocked down.

What are the best things to do with Blanka on wake up?

For crossovers are there any good counters that work against most people or is it best to just practise blocking it? (I’m hopeless at blocking crossovers)

What are the best moves to use to try to break block strings?


Just block the crossups. You can’t really break a block string unless they mess up. If they do, EX up ball will be your best bet.


If you have meter use the EXupball or the EX hop back ball (rainbow ball) o get outof cross ups


if someone is pressuring you with something like crouching mk or something on wakeup, hit that ultra1. it’s a bogus beginners tactic, but works sometimes on people who just pressure a lot.

on cross-up, ex up ball works well even if you hit it pretty late.

other than that, just block and learn how to tech throw. like mentioned earlier, you can’t really break a string unless the other dude screws up.