Anti roll setups



Well I’ve been playing Abel since launch and I noticed no one has mentioned this on this (dead) character board so I might as well document it to hopefully get discussion going and maybe I can learn something.

Well I’ve been experimenting a little bit with Abel’s Marseilles Roll and found that if you time rolling on an opponents knock down correctly you can reverse the input for their wake up roll.

I haven’t done extensive work on it but if you knockdown an opponent via Falling Sky, wait a brief moment, then medium (light works as well) Marseilles, you reverse their input to roll and will either give you 2 outcomes, you prevent the roll or they roll in the opposite direction! By using Medium roll no matter the result you’re in range for a Light TT, Step Kick, or cross up

I’m super scrubby and have a lot to learn so if anyone can take advantage of this better and maybe expand upon it and create better tech that would be awesome.


Yes, rolling on their wakeup can produce desirable results, such as messing up that scrubby Ryu’s wakeup dp so he gets a regular fierce and a punish for it. I sometimes double roll to bait out something they throw out in reaction to the first roll - it’s timed so that the second roll begins right as they recover from a hard knockdown so the invincibility gets its startup time. You do have to be very careful about the timing since there’s a bit of recovery on the roll. If the opponent opts to not recovery roll, it is very likely you’re getting jabjabjab’d into whatever.


Yeah I’ve definitely been working on setups that utilise this, unfortunately with the auto correct it’s impossible to get enough frame advantage to beat mashed crouching jabs. The only thing you can really ‘win’ with is normal throw. However if you can condition people to normal throw, then light attacks will win. It’s kind of a shame, but normal throw isn’t so bad. Also as the guy above said if they don’t do a roll then yeah you’re kind of in a situation you don’t want to be.

The best setup I’ve found for this is sweep, dash, lk roll, throw.

Also something to do after TT, if you do dash x 2 and they forward roll, back jump mk will cross up, while back jump HP will stay in front! Pretty nasty.


I’ve found that, after connecting with with a Tornado Throw, or the final hit of a change of direction combo (not the low version), and do a LK Marseilles roll as soon as you can, whether or not the opponent rolls you’ll still be in step kick range and can continue pressure.

I believe this also works off an EX Falling Sky, though you need to delay the roll by quite a bit. But you are probably better off not burning the bar and figuring out a different set-up off of regular falling sky.