Anti-rushdown team?


I’ve been spending my time in the lab, unable to really get much match experience, but I’ve noticed that pretty much everyone in the game seems to die to rushdown. the rushdown charachers die to rushdown, the zoning characters die to rushdown once the gap is closed, etc.

this makes me wonder, what are the most anti rushdown characters in the game? Is that even viable with a game of this speed?

Keep in mind I am not talking about assists here. I know full well about haggar/tron/hulk assists. I’m talking the characters themselves.


well, i know personally as a player that is almost allways playing rushdown… i cringe when i see a couple characters: trish, dorm, doom and sometimes arthur depending on his assists.



I have not seen him played well mind you but even the bad players have so many escape options it makes the game Dragggggggggg.

I imagine with the proper assists and in the right hands he could be a keep away nightmare.


A good Dormammu holds everything on lock down. Sentinel can stop an offense with far spit and flight runaway tricks.


Hmmmm, I’m a VS noob so take what I say with a massive grain of salt, but I’d imagine the best way to hinder rushdown is with strong air defense, so finding somebody who can comfortably sit up in the air and throw out good attacks that limits the opponent’s air space with the potential to punish from the air would be ideal. Likewise, assists that cover vertical space, Dorm’s purification comes to mind, would be really valuable in keeping your opponents out.


now that you mention it… a couple spiderman players just came to mind, trying to chase his ass down is a EXTREME pain in the ass, and it’s made much worse by how easily he can make you pay for getting reckless in the chase.

yep, a good zone team that controls the ground well and then pops out assists like jam session when you try to get over them can be frustrating to say the least.


Don’t forget the Heavy Hitters (Tron, Hulk, Haggar, Thor). Press one wrong button in close range to these guys and you are getting knocked into next week.


nah, not true. anti-rush down is hulk first of all since his H goes through a couple hits… then sentinel and phoenix for spamming high jump fireballs then dark phoenix… not only that hulks super beats all attacks and very strong.
hulks gamma crush super is over powered too


Just do like some Noel Brown shit. Dorm, Doom, Sent. Most rushdown teams can handle a team that only has Doom Missles or Sent drones on it by just rushing down and blowing up the assist that stays out forever or snapping them in. Either that or taking advantage of the waiting period where they can’t be used to rush in and then if they are called again they are dead.

On a team that has double lame assists like Doom missles and Sent drones it can get pretty lame. There’s no waiting period after you use the assist for them to take a breather. Once he’s done using Sent drones to cover Dorm’s screen spam he can immediately call Doom hidden missiles which will probably be tough to reach at that point cuz he’s already still spamming the screen with a bunch of shit as it is by then. Then by the time Doom goes back into the assist waiting list, Sent is ready to blow it up with more drones. It’s like in SFIV if you could cover Juri’s fireball spam with Dhalsim’s HP fireball as an assist and then when Dhalsim dissapears you can immediately call Rose’s HP fireball on top of that.

Most people dont set up teams well to cover these long recovery assists but the way Noel’s team is set up is perfectly suited for such. Tron’s and Haggar’s assists aren’t bad for doing the same lame as shit but instead of being projectiles they’re just like near untouchable assists.

That’s generally the way you want to play “keepaway” in Mahvel. Get the most broke ass assists covering your shit with a character that can spam shit on the screen. Most people tend to pick assists for other purposes like OTGs, unblockables or block stun/anti advance guard traps which retty much all are usually used for offensive purposes. You can’t use Wesker’s OTG to protect your on point Sent spit or help keep people lined up in Dorm’s vertical beams. You can keep away ok with a team that has a point character backed up with hidden missles with another offensive assist. On the other hand Doom missiles assist backed up with like Wesker OTG shot assist is not going to be able to bring the lame factor that sent drones or another beam assist being able to be called as soon as Doom goes away. Without another assist being able to immediately cover you give rushdowners breathing room to run in and blow up Doom’s next come in and take off half his life then block the missles coming down. This becomes a real issue with Sent drones since Sent only has 900k now. One bad Sent call after the waiting period and bye bye Sent.

Beam assists like Doom’s beam or Magneto’s disruptah are also good for giving you a lot of lame coverage. Especially if you’re using like Doom and Mag at the same time.


first of all, dorm is an easy character to get close as an opponent…so not…
second doom?
um… obviously the guy said that he cant handle rush down characters…
i dont think he will be able to handle rush down characters with doom
as an assist doom is GOOD, but when 2 chars are down, and only doom left… then wut?
Also, calling him as an assist to stop rush down chars means almost spam assist…which will get eventually
punished when the opponent notice it… with super.
the best way to handle rush down chars are… learn how to block… push back correct timing… or rush down urself
and dont give the opponent chance to do a rush down…
or use hulk, phoenix, sentinel.
hulk and sentinel can hit through a couple hits…
also personally i find sentinel’s assist better than dooms…
if u use in safe situation, sentinel assist can be pain in the ass during pressure…
doom’s assist can be avoided easily if you know the timing when it comes down…


The best counter to rush down in this game is… rush down.

It seems this game is designed more for the rusher than the distancer, as it’s easy for most teams to get in on anyone.

I am quite pleased with this since I don’t like having to chase someone down for an entire match, it gets boring.


something i already mentioned


Doom has plenty tools to handle rushdown characters. I main Doom so I know for sure. He’s meant to be played more offensively than he was in Mahvel 2 but when it comes to being able to stop people from rushing him down he’s got plenty of stuff. He has a beam where the M and H versions knock people full across the screen on hit. The L version can combo into his level 3 super on hit if they try to jump in or get hit from about a bit outside of sweep range. He has a level 1 super that works as a 300k damage anti air and even if the super completely WHIFFS it rains back down more energy that breaks up combos if he gets hit. If you’re afraid of getting hit as Doom and dont know what else to do just throw sphere flame up in the air. The only thing they can do to stop it is dash in and throw you and that only works if you did the sphere flame like right next to them. Doom can also throw out 2 or 3 hidden missles on point while calling assist which is plenty enough to act as a combo breaker incase he gets hit while generally giving him space. Air photon shotting then air dashing down gives him plenty of screen coverage while giving him opportunity to rush in as well.

You can create really lame zone patterns like call an assist, cover with 2 or 3 hidden missles, then shoot M or H plasma beam and cover that by cancelling at any point (before its active even) into sphere flame. Good luck trying to land a hit on that.

The funny thing is a lot of people dont even do all of that stuff with Doom yet to keep people out and you still see people running into his shit when he’s played on point both online and in tournaments vids. Especially with how much people complain about Sent on point being able to spam spit and like ONLY complain about the spit. I would expect most people online would freaking cringe at a sent spitting that’s being covered by doom missles AND dorm dark hole assists. Not to mention Dorm throwing all of his shit on the screen plus hidden missiles and sent drones. That’s just overkill and requires way too much work to get around for the average online player. Dorm even has a super that basically does nothing but force you to run away or get chipped like a mother. People burn X Factor early all day just to not get chipped down by it.


are u online on xbl?


You coulda sent a PM for that, ghd. Or just looked at his profile.

DevilJin, maybe I just haven’t seen a good Doom distancer… got any vids on the subject?


sorry but what is pm? im not so familiar with english web forums.

yea, and ur right cuz there are no good doom distancers so far on xbl.
most of people ive seen so far were geting screwed when they had only doom left.
also, most of them were getting punished for playing keep away.
once i had a guy i think his gamertag was runedog, and would spam sentinel charge, force, beam with doom assist…
he kinda had the timing right… and it worked though… in my opinion doom assist is only good when u can do rush down and block stream very heavily then doom assist hidden missile and more of the pressure…
if the person is stuck at corner… but im really not sure if doom’s assist works if the opponent is aggressive as well…
u just block at the missile timing or dash/jump forward or back and u avoid it already–;


My xbox live account has been defunct for a while and I dont really like the online in this game any way as the delay is terrible for a game like this.

You can even watch old vids of buktooth’s doom to see a doom player that employs some of the better defensive options he has to offer. Generally you’re supposed to use them to lead to your own rushdown but that’s pretty much Doom’s play style in a nutshell. Use your defensive tools to break up people trying to rush you down then use that to set up your own rushdown. Like jumping in the air with photon shot and covering with H foot dive which has huge priority and can be air dash forward cancelled into air M and hit confirm into combo or give you a safe block string on block. Even Clockwork’s Doom doesn’t do a bad job of doing things like calling 2 or 3 hidden missles periodically to stop Sents from flying in.

There’s a lot of stuff people aren’t doing at all which is really good like utilizing Doom’s heavy gun (j.H) to zone and set up offense. This move is really slept on as one of Doom’s best zoning tools since the only thing that can beat it is projectiles or projectile invincible moves that have huge hit boxes like Captain America’s hyper charging star. It takes up so much screen space on a normal forward jump that no rushdown attack unless it has projectile invincibility is going to have a chance. It also puts the opponent in a juggle state until they land on the ground if they got hit while airborne also. Calling an assist during this is really good for screen coverage against a lot of characters. Especially those that only have like one real way to get in like Haggar spamming on pipe.


i mean if thats true… doom sounds like a really hard character to use…
but the point of this whole thread is he isnt even used to the speed of this game yet,
or is currently building experience to get to know this game, but
ur offering something which is even difficult for advanced players.

i totally understand using sentinel’s assist well sentinel is at least easy to use.
his lvl 3 x-factor is deadly too.

but i still shrug if dorm and doom can be a good choice.

as i said…
hulk phoenix i would recommend…
hulk is similar to sentinel… well a lower version of him i guess…but still easy to punish opponent’s move…
phoenix high jump fireball spam isnt actually hard to use?..
dark phoenix teleport mashing L isnt hard to use as well?..

compared to this…
using doom practicing doom and getting to know doom that you can use all skills and loop combos… ground air dash to mix ups…keep away beem+ hidden missile … and D or forward H cancel into low air dash then comboing sounds too hard man lol


Dorm, Trish, Hulk shuts down a lot using Trish’s Peekaboo and Hulk’s Tsunami.


not sure about dorm, but trish, and hulk… yes indeed.