Anti ryu the church of hate

You damn right! This thread is dedicated to those who hate Ryu and for those who want to troll the thread with smart ass remarks kiss my ass and clothesline yaself. Moving on. I hate Ryu as I expressed in the rant thread. I don’t care if this is Capcom’s game but it’s a different game all the antics of Ryu was highly tolerated in any Street Fighter series because it was his game and thanks to Daigo, Ryu is even more famous especially in SF X Tekken. I have never since playing this game have soooo many time overs (which has to be helped) because players are zoning, donkey kicking , jumping back, air hurricane kicking backwards, just to pussy they’re way to victory. And I’m telling the truth most fighters I’ve faced with no Ryu were brawls, good old fashion Family Guy Peter vs the Damn Chicken, Fight Club style of play. When fighting Ryu? There’s too much to him to deal going against him even the best online is having trouble don’t believe me look at your replay channel. There’s way too many characters for people not to have some confidence to train and play and win. And I’m not saying don’t play em just saying that there’s a Noah’s Flood of Ryu’s on every team that’s a problem, to stop this shit Capcom needs to nerf this man just to force to people to develop real skill with Ryu instead of playing the Tom and Jerry chase games. Ryu is deserving of death of the worst kind. Don’t front and act like you all don’t have this problem.

There’s a ranting thread.

Ranting thread that way.

But I agree Ryu is brainderp, you must be like me and have a pet peev with lack of original characters people pick.

Do yourself a favor and read this:

I just hate every shoto. They can all eat a dick.

get better.

That’s how Ryu is supposed to be played. It’s not the players fault if you’re not doing nothing about it. Can someone lock this please?

Can someone lock this please:shake:? Your not welcomed to my Church anymore.

SFxT Ryu is fun as fuck. HATERS GONNA HATE.
struts out

I don’t have SFxT but this applies to a lot of Capcom fighting games. Everyone loves Ryu…

I see about 90% Ryu/Ken on SSF4: AE when I play. It’s just boring. You do however acquire a lot of match-up experience with them. XD

Which is why the Church is made.

If you imagine that Ryu is Ash Ketchum and all of your opponents are pokemon, this game makes a lot more sense.

I always hated Ryu before this game. Now he’s on my team.