Anti-slip material for Qanba Q4Raf



Recently after changing some things on my Qanba Q4Raf I noticed that the metal plate at the bottom had caught some rust. In order to prevent it from spreading I’m going to sand it and then coat it with anti-rust and some black paint for the look. Unfortunately, that means I must remove the anti-slip material that it has.

I was going to order some guntape for a mouse mod ( Would it work as anti-slip or do you have something better to recommend for this purpose.



I’ve just used one-side adhesive foam strips from Hobby Lobby before. It was like 80 cents for a sheet and does the job. It wouldn’t be as rugged as that stuff though (I’d liken it to the foam on the bottom of a TE2, which is prone to getting creases and imprints molded into it).


That seems like a very suitable canditate. I hope I can find something like that in my country’s stores.

Thanks for the answer.