Anti-teleport help


I have been recently playing online, and I can deal with a lot of different rushdown/keepaway things, but I have no clue what to do against people who teleport a lot. I lose like crazy once Dante starts or whenever Wesker is on a roll, bouncing around the screen in clouds of smoke. What should I be doing to those kinds of players to help me win? Constantly block the other way? Try attacking before they do?

My team right now is Hulk(GW)/Sentinel(Drones)/Doom(PB(Thinking of replacing)


you need to actually understand how each character’s teleport works…such as if they can be done in the air, if they reappear based on your own location or their location, and if they switch sides if you’re in the corner. They all work differently.


Against Dante, when you see him crouch twice, jump back and air throw his ass. Against other character with better teleports it’s more complicated than that, but basically you have to predict the teleport and try to react to it accordingly.


I know how they work, I only have issues with characters like Phoenix where I keep forgetting she has a teleport.
I need help with what to do against them. Hulk standing H sometimes works, but I don’t know anything past that as to how to respond to them.


Online lol. Its almost inescapable due to lag online, you’ll flick your stick to one side but still get opened up due to lag. Just flip a coin and pick a side.