Anti-Theft at Evo (this is getting out of hand)!

After the past two majors that have passed Seasons Beatings II, (in which my ps3

almost became someone else’s ps3, due to the I see nobody’s name on it so it’s

mine reason) and with recent thefts at NEC, it should come as no surprise that this

is getting a bit ridiculous. We as players should not have to feel like at any moment

and time are shit is about to get jacked the moment we lay our eyes off our

belongings. We as players do not go to tournaments to mean mug everyone who

has somewhat of a sparkle in their eyes when they are near our belongings. Lastly

we do not come to tournaments what so ever to get our belongings taken from

us. We go to tournaments for the love of the game, the love of the challenge, the

love of friendship, the love of defeating new rivals, and many other reasons that

can be expressed by many other players.

We as players bring what we can to help the community grow in whatever which

way it can. whether it is bringing a console, tv, a computer, camera, arcade stick,

etc, all of these items are needed to help our community prosper. However, their

are some people, whom for whatever reason, disrespect all of us who bring their

belongings to help the community by taking that which is not theirs to begin with.

To tell you the truth, this type of shit threatens the community in its entirety,

because every time this shit happens it makes the,community seem like a group

of immature thugs with no values of morals what so ever. This shit also makes

people not want to bring their equipment because of the risk of belongings

ending up in the hands of another asshole.

I for one am tired of seeing this shit happen and, I think something should be

done about it. I believe that We should divise some type of authority to take care

of peoples belongs (some type of bag check-in service) governed by the players.

The tourney organizing body can enlist some trust worthy players to watch over

this area to make sure no one who should not be in there get set straight. Lastly

anyone caught stealing should be punished by the community (no exceptions).

These are my thoughts about the subject at hand. Let us keep the suggestions

going and keep the comments serious. These thefts have got to stop now. Peace

[Mario Gomez]

there’s a thread concerning thefts at NEC

Yeah…bout done tired of this immature shit.

Man…all i am saying…if i catch anyone stealing my shit…dudes getting an asswhoopin real talk. Seriously stealing other’s ppl shit at tourneys…jesus…

Texas Showdown 5 had what you suggested. A small corner where you can have them hold onto your joystick/bag/whatever. I actually had a video cam stolen at that event, but it was due to me being careless and not knowing about it.

All the same, there should be strict rules for someone who gets caught stealing.

Stop leaving your shit around.


Niggas steal shit. Big surprise. I’ve had games stolen from me in the past… you know what? That shit’s never happening again. Bottom line. I don’t leave my shit around anywhere outside of the room. Even in my room, my shit is in the tuck.

People wanna whine about how they got all their shit stolen… this is the real world people. You leave shit chilling by the door, it’s gonna be gone. This isn’t a NEC thing, or even a FGC thing, it a real life thing. Half of the players’ shit looks the exact same. It would be so easy to steal most of the stuff that gets left around. Why would you leave your stick lying around anyway? Why would you leave your wallet in some bag without supervision? Seriously… why?

I can’t think of any good reason, so I really don’t feel sorry for any of you. It’s fucked up, sure… but there’s such thing as personal responsibility. We don’t need some new crack unit to make sure everything is safe; we need the players to stop being irresponsible with their shit. Problem solved.

PS- If I ever catch any of you fucks trying to walk off with my shit, I’ll beat your ass.

Def agree with hav here, it sucks to get shit stolen but that situation doesnt arise if you handle your shit. Another thing I want to add why the fuck isnt there a story about the PS3 guy in ohio getting fucked up or anything, it sounds like people involved were just like no harm no foul? Maybe shit keeps getting stolen cause trying it is a freeroll, either you get away or you just give the Chappelle esque “Im sorry I didnt know I couldnt do that” Im NOT advocating violence here, but cmon if these pos’s get a free shot at it its not hard to see why its happening. Tourney directors collectively keeping a blacklist should be a start, at the event site imo nothing done on the premises but maybe they get thrown out of the venue and let any individuals have words outside or w/e. I dunno the balanced answer but I think a hardline has to be taken, it just doesnt look good and its an annoyance. Bottom line though is still if you watch your shit it wont get stolen.

Yeah I dunno how people won’t even take care of their own shit.
If you paid for said item, why won’t you AT LEAST look after it?

I always look after my shit but just as precaution I plan on get like some kind of remote alarm type thing. Like the stuff they sell for if you lost your tv remote in a room. I dunno how loud it is, but i’ll try some stuff out.
I’ll just press the button whenever im looking for it, even if its 2 feet away from me.

theft is a problem. too bad there’s always thugs at these tournys. evo needs to address this more in the future imo yet they never have. i think people get the false sense about how trusting the fighting game community is just because we all play games and leave their shit laying around waiting to be taken.

That’s their dumbass fault.

Why would you trust a bunch of people you don’t know?

Thugs? Wow… all types of people steal.

I love how people wanted to blame NEC thefts on the random people walking around the hotel, as if they really would want random arcade sticks, a NGPC, and copies of Arcana Heart…

The thieves are… (gasp) US!!! They’re probably reading this thread right now.

Grow up and stop being so nave, people. Just because some other guy likes to press buttons doesn’t mean he’s your friend, and it doesn’t mean you can trust him.

Evo Staff doesn’t need to do anything to solve this problem… People just need to stop being so irresponsible with their things. That’s it.

Everyone always wants somebody else to solve their problems. Stop being idiots, and you won’t get your stuff snatched.

now that’s probably the realest, truest shit i’ve ever read on this site. sigged.

stay away… and keep your shit away… from smelly people

real talk

Damn…Hav bringin the truth

This is not a fucking debate about thugs and this is also not a fucking blame game debate. We

can sit here going in fucking circles all day about how its someone else’s fault that they left their

shit just laying their asking to be taken, and that still would not solve any problems. This is an

anti- theft thread. The first rule of anti theft is in fact what Havoc and N-ken expressed in both

their post is you yourself. You are responsible for guarding your own shit if the shit is their

right next to you in eyes view. Next rule is don’t leave yout shit unprotected and

I’m guilty of that, However their are times when you just get caught in the

moment of things like when the ps3 incident happened. I was “gasp” in a

tourney match playing DR, and guess what, the ps3 was connected to a tv that I

brought, that was already next to another TV while their was a tourney going on

(Guilty Gear) and somebody still managed to get through all those people and still

grab it. If it was not for Fugee and the Tekken community that shit would have

been gone trust me on that shit. The fact of the matter is this, we need to come

up with a way to protect peoples shit if its in a given area. Which is why I

proposed a bag check-in service. If it is not in that area then well we can abide by

Havoc and N-kens logic of protecting your squirrel nuts from the evil predators

that come prowling around your goods. Peace Out

[Mario Gomez]

Your situation was different.

I don’t see what anyone else could have done to stop it though.

Dude just grabbed a PS3 that was being used for tournament. No check-in service would have stopped that.

You honestly could have helped the entire community by fucking that guy up though. I’d have hit him upside the head with the PS3…

Fist: My anti-theft.

You plan on manning said bag check in service? Alot of people that help the SRK Staff Volunteer to help. So sure yea if you find people willing that only waited the whole year for evo to sit at a table and watch the shit that “YOU” brought to vegas because you dont want to keep it by your side by all means then go for it

Bacardi beat me to it. Who in their right mind is going to spend their weekend (or a shift within that weekend) sitting at a table? They went to EVO to have a good time, not to sit there and babysit gear until other people want to use it.

Havoc hit it on the head, just take care of your shit. People steal, it sucks, that’s the world we live in. We all know what could happen so don’t look around shocked that it did happen.

I can’t believe that this stealing stuff is so bad at tournaments. I would assume that it’s mostly spectators rather than a player since I would really dislike for someone to steal my stuff since I invested about 100 bucks into my hrap2.

Don’t they have cameras or anything like that in those things? That’d probably help a little.

the sad thing is that stuff were stolen durign nec, not just at the venue floor, but from hotel rooms as well. how messed up is that?

hyperhal lost his ps2, laptop, ipod and clothes… all taken from his hotel room.