Anti-Throw on wakeup



Hello guys, long time lurker and now I’ve been playing around with C.Viper quite a bit. I’ve been having quite abit of trouble with Abel/Gief recently in match ups with whom i’ve been playing and had a few questions.

  1. doubtful, but if someone is just standing over you waiting to command throw does viper have a easy punish (I remember WK burning kick is throw immune but I didnt know if that was special moves aswell)

  2. C.Viper Vs. Balrog videos have been incredibly hard for me to find, and just a pain in my match ups. Any help would be appreciated here =)


Fp tk


any of her 2-in-1s should work just fine to push off throw pressure. Try EX Burning Kick. That seems to have a lot of priority, it even beats an EX Hurricane Kick. Just don’t let yourself get caught in a flurry, you’ll get picked up quick that way.


what is a 2-in-1 btw?


Canceling a normal move into a special move.

Like do a crouching medium kick and before the kick is finished, quickly motion D, DB, B + MP to do a Thunder knuckle. You’ll interrupt the medium kick animation and go straight into the Thunder Knuckle, making it a combo.

2 moves in 1.


That will get thrown…


Sweet, I’ll try burning kick instead from here. A nice thing to learn!


IIRC you can do EX Seismo to avoid grabs as well (or if you’re feeling baller, EX Seismo feint into combo lol).


ex burning kick works great but id like to know if their is a better damage option in this situation, like i dont know something that really makes people say im not gonna stand over her and attempt to throw on wake up because there is no way in hell im getting hit by that.


I’d say ex seismo to avoid a wake up throw would be your deterrent. If you’re hitting them with an ex seismo sjc burning kick every time they try to throw you on wake up, they’ll stop.


if you don’t have EX meter for seimo then simply backdash if you know they are gonna throw. Although don’t get predictable with it because back dashing leaves you open to other things…


my experiences

with command throwers( gief, ab, etc) my friends just throw!!! a normal throw!!! i try and wake up cg and they throw and it works!!! i glow fist cg setup and they throw. even the infamous geir cross up cg they seem to just throw me out before the animation kicks in. but maybe its just me…


With abel, his TT is throw immune, so you’re not doing it with reversal timing if you’re getting thrown on wakeup. Zangief green hand has long recovery. If they block you’ll get punished. If people have any reactions at all they wont get grabbed by the stupid green hand whiff setup. Don’t get predictable with it.