Anti-Tron Tactics

What’s goin’ on everybody? Is there any anti-Tron assist tactics? I’m sick of gettin’ hit by that invulnerable assist. Even my UniBeam w/ Iron Man goes thru it. It grinds my gears lol. How do you stop it?

I think its only hitbox is low, but I don’t really know. I’d jump into training mode and see what you can figure out.

Yeah, Tron gets stuffed by low attacks. Problem is that if the point character has a quick low attack (looking at you Ametarasu), then it’s not going to matter.

Haggar’s Lariat assist counters Tron, but that forces you to run Haggar. A good general counter would be to just zone out Tron, and if possible bait her out and punish OR snap her in.

Yeah, that’s why it’s considered one of the best assists in the game, similar to Haggar’s Lariat, except not fully invincible and doesn’t do self damage.

Either snap her in, or beat the other two characters on her team first. It’s near impossible to effectively counter Tron while she is being played by her assist. Try baiting it out, then use a hyper to do damage and hopefully take her life down by a reasonable amount, removing her assist threat temporarily. Other than that, I don’t know. You can try crossing it up, but only if the other player is stupid to let you do that.

Problem with snapping her in, is that she’s really sick on point, and gets much more effective with assists. It usually seems much harder for people to make a Tron-only comeback if they use her as the final character.

The most you can do is block it. Mash out an attack as it comes out. Or just take the hit. You don’t have many options but I suppose randomly high jumping in the air for no reason is one way to avoid nearly every move.

Running Haggar isn’t a bad thing, He’s insanely powerful and his Lariat is good against not only Tron’s assist but against just about everything in the game, he’s a pretty good character.

Yeah, so is Thor, but similarly, both of them have trouble getting in. So unless you can get away with spamming air pipe on the way in, you won’t do much with Haggar without a good assist.

Well as I said his ASSIST is good against about anything, It was more of a reference as him being a good team character, wasn’t saying to build an entire team around him.

I’ve had my Tron assist beat out by rapid fire crouching :l: with some characters. Chun Li comes to mind immediately.

Also, most supers with invincibility on start-up (I know X-23’s Rage Trigger is an example) will punish Tron assist, along with beam hypers and anything else high-priority.

As for Tron on point, it’s very frustrating to get out of a projectile lockdown since she is so big. If you spam Sentinel Force Charge with Sent on point it’s almost impossible to get out without a precision timed advancing guard on the second bot which breaks the third bot and gives you barely enough time to super jump. Worse than that are your general anti-air attacks since her easiest approach is a superjump -> airdash -> :m: or :h: in air. Captain America’s :h: Shield Slash, Skrull’s :h: Tenderizer, Trish’s Peekaboo trap - all effective at preventing that air-dash approach. A super jump approach is the alternative, and if you just dash out of the way while she slowly floats across the screen then we’re back to square one.

Counter with Taskmaster.

im starting to think the only effective way of beating tron assist, is to either be lucky enough to have a team with a member in it that can effectively deal with assist abuse, such as someone with a screen filling beam hyper (akuma, dorm) , a counter assist such as haggar, or something so invincible it can plow right through it with minimal risk of a counter attack from the point character (sent HSF).

ive been running a spidey/dante/hsien ko team since launch, and have a freind who plays ammy/tron/wolvie, and despite hitting training and finding stuff to punish the assist with, its basically reliant on him standing doing nothing while playing as ammy since he can punish at any time using okami shuffle. Snapping in tron isnt exactly a perfect solution either since its not like you are snapping in pheonix where its a few hits and shes dead, she usually gets tagged right back out again and ive wasted a bar basically.

its kind of annoying the best ways of dealing with her seem to be along the lines of “pick such and such a character instead” especially when you have no interest in playing as said character etc etc.

Tron assist’s hitbox is mostly in the back. Really meaty low attacks can hit her if they go deep enough. Example: She Hulk slide can go right under flame and scoop up Tron. Beam supers usually work because they override her flame durability. Magneto ground beam hits her out, so does ryu and dormammu beam. If they call the assist while you’re super jumping you’ll find you can hit tron with whatever you want because shes massively vulnerable in the back.

I utilize Tron assist in slot 2 so I can use her as an offensive powerhouse and use her assist for my point character. Most good players will do this because they recognize the strength of this positioning. SO snapping back is a good idea, not because Tron is weak, but because Tron can’t assist herself. Think of it this way: if the player keeps Tron in slot 2 then their Tron game revolves around the 3rd slot character’s assist. If you snap in Tron you’re fighting the same strategy that you will fight if you beat their point character so snapping in allows you to whittle down Tron’s health without causing any major disadvantages for yourself. At the same time if the player has Tron in clutch they’re probably weak with the character and don’t know how to utilize her effectively. This calls for a snapback since their inexperience will allow you to dominate and finish the assist problem.

I think the #1 strategy against Tron assist is patience. If you wait until they call the assist to start your offensive there’s gonna be some time before they can call it again, USE IT. Take that time to rush down. Recognize the cool down and slow your offense when you feel the assist coming back, repeat! Also if you have beam supers don’t be shy to use them randomly when Tron comes in (as long as you’re safe from their point!!) the lower Tron’s health the more the opponent has to think about using the assist, this also makes snapping her in that much sweeter. Good luck with that Gustaff, its a bitch.

The best advice I can offer is to listen for the opponent to call the assist. The best way to beat Gustaff fire is not letting it earn the other guy a free combo. When someone has an annoying assist like Tron/Haggar/Armored Hsien-ko, I slow my blockstring down so that when I see the assist come out, I can backdash and punish with a projectile or beam super. One of two things generally happen: They keep mashing the assist out, eventually leading to its death, or they stop calling the assist to let it get some red life back, and I get to keep my pressure on. Either way I win.

its all depending on what team u run… if they call tron out when u still get a chance to move back, or be away in general, u can do damage on her, anything projectile. Other than that… keep away is best, cause haggar’s lariat or trons gunstaff will be an easy setup when u get close and try to rush. It interrupts pretty much anything.

Wesker’s L counter will punish Gustaff Flame. If the point character is blocking you can X-Factor and command grab the point character and end up hitting both while Tron is on the way down. Taskmaster’s counter doesn’t work since it triggers a cinematic(which you can’t do to assists).