Hi all, i’ve been playing my dudley at AI, super and cpp sometimes and i think i’ve been getting better but lately i’ve been dying to ppl who turtle a lot.
Like if i dont do anything they would just sit back and build meter or maybe throw in a taunt or two to piss me off.
they just stand back and do anti airs or something preventing me from jumping in on them.
maybe i’m playing too aggresively i dunno.
Any help appreciated.

Option-select parries are your friend.

There are other ways to move forward besides jumping, you know, like walking forward or using ducking or poking.

Parry their anti airs and try to punish with a massive combo.

Throw people a lot. Throw them, then when they get up, throw them again.

You sly dog…

yeah its pretty frustrating. dudley dies to turtles, period. against chun, jumping is your only option.

Im new to Dudley but my 2 cents:

In the complete Dudley thread somewhere there is actually a whole section on how to get in without jumping, there is also loads of good information for all aspects of Dudley.

Ducking like Mariodood said is good use RH to get in fast. Again like Mariodood said, throw mix ups are good, after youve throw them a few times and you think they may tech go for a SSB into SA!

E.G. RH Ducking, throw, they wake up throw, walk up or maybe use RH Ducking again, SSBXXCork.

If there turtling there susceptable to throws. ducking is good to get in for throws and SSB is good to punish throw techs. Use them throws to get them in the corner then starting breaking that shell down with loads of high low mix ups.

E.G. Down LK x2 if it hits go SA, if they block thats perfect distance for UOHxxSA.

Once theyre in the corner they might panick and open up a bit then youll get them, after that they may close down again soon as they do that start the throw games again.

Hope thats useful, and makes sense!
Im sure the other guys will identify whether thats good advice or not.

PS throw more roses:encore:

It could be you’re too aggressive. But it can be lame as hell if you have to chase your opponent the whole match.

If you have to jump in, mix it up. Early j.RH can trade with some anti-air or maybe stuff them. You can link a super right after. If they tend to parry your jump-in, do a late j.RH (link super) or whiff a j.FP then throw or high/low confirm into super (or EX upper lol). Otherwise, you’ll just have to parry their anti-air.

If you have more health than them and you have trouble jumping in, don’t risk it. Although, I do feel like dudley loses a lot of his game if he can’t jump.

jump in, one short super (or short short super if you can’t buffer) kills anti air parries.

i just hate that we have to use jump ins so much i try to dash in sometimes and get in on them but i get stuffed by pokes and if i jump in they do anti airs that i suck at parrying (supers)
i lost to so many ppl who dont even seem to know basic combos and just hit and run away

if you’re close enough, into mk ducking is very good for getting in. If you’re within range. It out-ranges st.RH a lot of the time. it can even be confirmed into super.

If you get good at this, try doing them many times in succession, the block stun usually doesn’t leave them much room.

I find it a little tricky myself =(. machine gun blow comes out a lot of the time. I know you gotta hold down MP… just gotta practice I guess.

dont have to hold down mp. just do it simple like this:

:l::db:(:d: + :mp:):df:(:r: + :mk:)

yea, but my problem is I negative edge the MP when I press forward most of the time. so it ends up being to mp machine gun…which totally sucks

I do do it like you say, but I hold down MP on the down + MP until after I press MK

random tip

one (dumb) thing I do when I’m fooling around is: jump-in whiff FP, cr.LK to FP jet upper

Yeahh i know what you mean i used to do that a lot!
now i kinda do it the way packets suggests like lately i kinda found that i tried to press the mk too early leading to me doing the negative edge. Now i usually wait like about a second after i let go of mp.

jump whiff Fierce, EX upper is way better. easier to execute and beats throws.

if you play at AI you might know sherwin? he taught me that method when we were playing online.

whiff fierce->land-> ex upper hits more often than it should :pleased::pleased:

thats cuz its the kokujin special, and he serves it up hot :tup:

'tis only one of the fine meals of the kokujin menu.

throw in an empty parry on your way down

yeah, jump in parry, short short corkscrew gets a lot of people, or just go balls out dash ex upper kokujin style, lol, after you get the knockdown just start your mix up game, someone said that dudley loses a lot to turtling chuns, but chun doesnt have a pretty reliable anti air, you should note what chars are you having most problems.