Anti-vega tactics in sf2turbo

for some reason i am getting Killed by vegas throws. the F+hp/mp on the ground. Do his throws have priority over everyone? it seems him and chun li have the most throw priority. Im using mainly guile. What are the best tactics to counter if Vega is crossing you up with a fk and the moving back a step then forward for a throw. thanks

backhand,, or throw him. makes the most sense if hes walking back then forward.

I don’t think Vega really crosses up with anything in this game. I guess I’m confused so it’s hard to say what to do against “it” if I don’t know what exactly “it” is.

If he jump kicks at you and then takes a step back before coming back in with a throw, you have time to hit him before the throw. Like Yoshi said, c. forward (medium kick) is a good option or c. strong (medium punch).

If you don’t have time to react to the jump kick and end up taking the hit, hopefully you’re already charging down/back and then when he walks back and then comes in at you, the flash kick can be ready to knock him silly.

Who else do you play besides Guile? You know, Blanka is a real bad matchup for Vega to deal with. Zangief can give him real problems, especially if he tried to wall dave you. Ryu/Ken give everyone some problems of course. Chun-Li is another mean matchup for him. Most of these other characters I’ve named can really out-prioritize him, some in more scenarios than others.

To answer you other question, yeah, Vega & Chun-Li are very good “throwers” in these oldschool games. Check for some info on stuff like that. He has info for all the characters as far as how much throw range they have and how much damage the throws do. It’s mostly a page for SSF2T stuff but he’s got info on all the SF2 games for some of the characters. It’s broken down into charts. It’s real hardcore stuff. Haha.

Sorry for writing so much. Maybe you’ll find something in this post or on NKI’s translated pages that will help.