i need help on how to beat good vega players. i hear bison can do well against vega, but how? I get beat by vega’s air-to-air moves, and cant seem to zone a character that just jumps around. any help out there?


Pick Cammy and do random rushdown


bison jumping mp does the trick most of the time in the air


with bison u must super jump always with MP or HP

bision rush down is great against vega because vega does have a true reversal … but dont get too happy if u mess up your jab jab mp or mk then LK siccor kick u can be punished by his flip kick


Hey ive played vega for like ever. One thing i find is its hard 2 beat a good rolento charecter. jumping jab kills vega air 2 air. and c.fp seems like it works as well on the ground. standin string i think works against jump in. And a few blocked crouch or jump strong and it will start knockin shit off vega


Rush downs work very well, but messing up can be punished by some things. Anti air him when he manuevers for his ikuza drop or any other flying technique. Don’t ever just stand their when Vega is moving around in the air cause you could get ikuza supered or air ikuza grabed. Basically just always be moving. :stuck_out_tongue: