Anti-Virus Programs

yeah, my computer is getting rocked hard by virus/some shit that won’t let me access search engines such as google or social websites such as facebook. I need protection now. Anything you all recommend that’s free or has a short free period before paying?


avg free works fine try it out

AVG and Avast are all you need…

if you want to pay… Kapersky is the best of them all.

Kaspersky has a free trial.

But you should just format and reinstall!!

I just did that recently… =/

avg free is what I use

so many threads about this topic. why cant people search :lol:

Cuz i’m desperate and short on my options. I can’t use much stuff and need quick answers. Thanks everyone. /thread?

Then that should make it that much easier to do again.

Just get nod32. Best one from what I’ve seen.

I use NOD32 as well with Comodo firewall, haven’t had any problems and it takes up very few resources.

Yes, that was true. I re-installed and everything. Thanks for the help everyone, I’m going to invest in some protection.