Anti Wall-Dive/Vega Thread

Post up character specific ways of dealing with Vega, and I’ll put them in the first post.











O. Sagat:


Another Claw:


Boxer : HP Buffalo headbutt almost EVERYTIME either trades in your favor, or avoids it.

From far: High lk rush xx buffalo headbutt (if you whiff)

cr.HP if in front of you.

Ken: INMEDIATELY after he sticks OUT of the wall, do HP Dragon Punch.
Lp dp if in front of you.

Blanka: Elec, either ball. At worst trades in your favor AND knocks him down :smiley:

Honda: lp Headbut. Hp sometimes for avoiding it.

Also, most of the cast can (if he does it w/out knocking you) jump back and throw a good air to air horizonatl normal.

Zangief: if wall dive is done when you’re standing, then standing jab, jump jab/strong, jump roundhouse, lariat, or crouching fierce; if wall dive is meaty, then block and reversal spd


a) Jump straight up jab/strong/roundhouse

b) Jump back strong/roundhouse

c) Any DP

Not sure if it’s reliable or not but I’ve used Chun-Li’s air throw against it…

Dic :

Jump back rh works wonders if done early enough, If it’s too late for that do a fierce psycho crusher to get the hell out of the way


If he dives at you when you’re getting up: Wakeup Yoga teleport to get out of there. If you’re not confident about being able to pull it off, then just trying to block may be your best bet.

If you’re grounded: Standing back + LP. I believe the MP and HP also work, but they’re riskier.

In the air: I think HK will hit him out of the dive is spaced properly. Otherwise you can use drills. Use a LK drill to try to get out of there, or use a HK drill to get back on the ground so you can use St. LP.

Another technique I’ve found useful is if he’s not in the corner and you see him try to dive off the wall behind him you can jump and do a LK or MK drill towards him. This will often move the screen enough so that instead of jumping off the wall he does that slow jump back and lands on the ground. In addition to not having to worry about getting hit by the dive, it also screws up his gameplan and breaks his concentration :wgrin:

blanka: up ball, stuffs wall dives like 95% of the time, cleanly. electricity works too but you can get grabbed and at times it trades.

sagat: tiger uppercut. at worst you’ll get stuffed but the range is HUGE and it does a shitload of damage. definitely worth the risk reward factor

bison: jump back hk and jump back or jump forward up+mp.

gief: lariats probably works against deep wall dives

guile: flash kick works most of the time but loses to wall dive and do nothing bait.

i think blanka has the easiest time dealing with vega’s wall dive BS but too bad vega can just own him up badly on the ground.

Meaty dives are pretty hard to do much of anything about. On the other hand, certain characters can do some things to get out of those dives.

I generally try to keep my diving to reacting to others, beating people in the air or doing crossup meaty dives for free damage.

This is what I know about meaty dives:

Dhalsim can teleport out.
Guile can get a reversal flash kick out sometimes (unless you crossed him up right at which point it’ll whiff and you’ll slice him).
Ken, Sagat and Ryu can DP but they’d have to guess the right direction, do it properly and sometimes it’ll trade, which is really gay.
Dictator can’t do anything to a meaty claw.
Zangief can SOMETIMES lariat through meaty claws. I’ve seen it miss, though, depending on how deep Claw is by the time Zangief’s waking up.
Boxer’s headbutt might either trade or whiff depending. Not a bad idea, though.
Deejay can try to do upkicks.
Chun-Li can try to do upkicks.
Claw doesn’t have it too hard, he can do kick backflip and be pretty much okay.
Cammy… uh, I don’t know, I don’t think her DP is very good.
T.Hawk’s anti-air isn’t too bad, I think it trades with Claw sometimes.
Honda can headbutt if he properly guesses where he’s going to headbutt and keeps his charge in the event of a cross-up.
Blanka can sometimes electricity if it isn’t deep enough. If it is, sometimes Blanka ball will trade because it hits on frame 1.

Claw: No problem at all

-Backflip (3P or 3K)
-Jump in back Wall/wall dive back wall as soon the other Claw touch the Wall (if you can)
-Jump Straight or back then strong (works like Chun)
-Flick (if he is in front of you)

For most of fighters (shotos, guile, chun), and the easiest way: jump back w/ RH or short for Chun, at the top of the jump.

By the way, off course Claw will not try to wall dive you when you can jump back…

Keep Claw locked down with fireball’s, funky kicks, sweeps, and short tatsumaki’s. Use knee bash to UFshort to knee bash/funky kick. If Claw wall dives be patient (only if you have lighting fast srk reflexes) and use jab srk; or do a reverse juice kick (RK version) which is very hard to hit and moves away quickly like a teleport. Everytime he uses a backflip use a jab/strong hadouken (depending on the scenerio/distance) to force him to block. Keep Claw locked down at all times! Use your speed against his. Be on the offensive against claw; and I recommend be very aggressive and random with mix ups.

With Chun :

jump up straight + HK : much needed knock down on Claw. let the counter rape begin.

close stand MK early (WW Guile Face kick AA like) : if he caught you off guard, he is not doing a fly by wall dive.

close stand HK : kinda works too. But me thinks only works when claw spreads his arms early already. somebody confirm

If Claw EVER EVER touches the wall, do a FIERCE DP. Is gonna knock him down EVERYTIME.

No, Geadom.

First cause it is not easy. It is hell fast. But it is possible.

Second cause he can just jump in the wall, faking a wall dive. He can jump off the wall or just jump back. Because when he jumps off the wall he kind of flot in the air, you DP can be early to hit.

Third that he can Wall dive but press BACK, so, he will bait as well, and then punish you.

So, it is better wait to see if he will really come over you, press forward, down, and wait to finish with d/f + P.

I think Hawk can jump back Jab. That thing has hella priority

Cammy: Jump towards him with Forward Kick. Roundhosue DP the instant he goes off the wall can work as well, but in certain situations, if he hugs the wall, he can avoid it. he can try to avoid the Forward as well, but you have no delay when you land, so he can’t punish it as easily.

Blanka: Jumping jab does a good job shutting down wall dive attempts early. The hit box hits clearly over his head.

What are Sagat’s options?

I also like neutral jump hk/mk. Depends on when you catch him, really. On wakeup… kneepress is about it so build that meter.

Sagat? I like jumping strong.

Can Blanka jump straight up Fierce? I have no idea if it works I just love doing that pimp hand.