Anti-wall strats

Im really having trouble with the wall strat, especially from shotos and fireball throwers. They seem to get at the right position and character distance that whatever I throw at them like a poke or a jump-in gets countered. Btw, I use A-sakura, blanka, bison

blanka slide under with c+f hp
sakura mix up ur jumps with jump qcf k
bison tele or headstomp

it also depends what groove ur using… u could just RC it or parry JD it…

YamaVega: if they are in the right position, where you cant jump at them, walk forward!

If you do this you will mess with their zone game and fore them to respond differently. If you jump at the distance you talked about you will more than likely be punished.

Also… Did i coin the term “wall-strat” i see a lot of people using it… now…

Oh! also, remember you can jump straight up over a fireball… sometimes that messes with your opponents. You know, if they are expecting you to jump back, or at them. This basically means mix up your responses to the fireball zone game (wall-strat) your opponent is using. And actually once you overcome that you should probally start up a wall-strat of your own.

Edit: [mini-Rant] Im a fan of giving advice that goes beyond “Rc it” cuz really… thats an obvious answer…
For god sakes its 2005… people need to stop responding like that… isnt it a bit… uncalled for?

meh either that or just JD it.

and it depends what groove u use…

There you go… :rofl:

edit: Don’t jump, roll, or just RC through it if the other guy is beasting on you with the wall start btw. That’s the whole point of doing wall start in the first place, to make you do something impatient. Try improving your screen position instead. Walk foward and either make wall start guy corner himself or do something impatient himself like roll or jump in for example (which you need to be able to counter on reaction 100%… don’t play anybody unless you can and have practiced it).

what is this ‘wall strat’

probably the latest imrovment of shoto lockdown technology

no wait, I think it’s just ghetto corner fireball trapping ~_~

When you play wall, you don’t move(because you don’t need to). Basically, you hold your ground and stop all attacks thrown at you. Depending on the character match up, I may play as a wall. Mostly when I have yamazaki.