Anti-Wesker Strategies

I know a Wesker forum is an odd place to put this, but it’s the best place I can see on the Shoryuken Forums.

Wesker is freakin’ godlike in MvC3, but even gods become weak when you stop believing in them. I really hate fighting Wesker and I was wondering if anyone had any Anti-Wesker Strategies they’d like to share. I’ll start.

I don’t have many Anti-Wesker Tactics other than run and GTFO, but I did find one with Ryu by accident which especially works well on Wesker when he’s last and has no backup to help get him out of it. If Ryu can create distance between himself and Wesker and Super Jump, Wesker players usually flock to where he’s going to land. Near the end of the jump, you can try doing a low Tatsumaki kick. The L Tatsumaki has no float like the M or H forms, but they do cause a very slight jump. This typically makes you hit, stun and land right behind Wesker for you to punish with Ryu’s fast and great combo ability. Not only that, but there’s not much Wesker can do besides stay away from where you’re about to land since alot of Wesker’s attack momentum is too forward for him to hit them at that moment. Wesker could probably counter that move (I don’t know if Rhino Charge covers if it hits behind him), but it’s pretty hard to do that quickly at such a short interval if Ryu does it at the right moment and if they don’t do that, you wasted a meter which they can easily punish Wesker for.

Wesker is ass in the air.

Especially the top of the opposite side of the screen. If you have a character who can occupy that space while harassing him from it, then that’s all you need

Weskers main weakness are small hit box characters, characters that can out rush him, and characters that can wreak havoc on him in the air. If you dont have characters that fit any of those criteria than you have to play footsies with him, dance in and out of his range of attack and look for an opening. Keep an eye on his teleport patterns as well, hes vulnerable at the very end of his teleport so if you see one coming you can punish it.

No… im a Wesker user… and i seem to have a lot of trouble with the Jump A spam from Ghost Rider. :frowning:

Unless hes covered by something like Doom Missles Ghost Rider hates teleporters, call whatever lockdown assist you have and teleport behind him. TBH with you, Wesker might even be able to outzone Ghost Rider. I could easily see jumping gun shot + beam assist beating jumping S spam.

Play someone with better normals then Wesker. Zero and Ammy are 2 of his worst matchups, and they have better normals than him.

Doom Missiles is exactly what all the jump A spammers have… and i forgot the other assist… i think it was Striders kick from above… idk, and im still a nub and forget to block. :frowning:

Thats the key vs Ghost Rider, block and wait for an opening. Ghost Riders chip damage is actually not very good at all so dont be afraid to sit back and wait for an opening. One other thing; as bad as Wesker may be in the air, Ghost Rider is worse. His only means of Anti-airing is jumping heavy which he cant combo off of. while he’s doing his jumping S thing just jump and block.

yup, i have managed to win against many Ghostrider spammers, they do manage to take quite a lot of my HP. But in H&H jump A takes sooo much from my HP. :(, but yeah patience and waiting for an opening. That’s how everyone should play.

Heroes and heralds is so broken. I can’t play zero or do my lightning loops in it, forcing me to use a different team. And that doesn’t work out too well, with all the cheap health regen combinations. :frowning:

so true… im lucky im a wesker user. all the good cards work so well with him. lol