Anti-X-23 Strats

For those people (including myself) having trouble with X-23 as far as going against her w/ her fast normals and not to mention her unblockable lvl. 3, what are some of the strategies for going against X-23? Everytime I go against her, someone always just mashes crouching light or after her down+H, just mash her crouching light and get me that way. This would help a lot because I’ve been running into a lot of X-23 players lately and it’s beginning to get on my nerves. :wtf:

zone and snapping her out she is soooo much more less effective without assist but she is a force with x-factor so be prepared to deal with it

Is it me or does it seem snapping plays more of a role in this game then it did in mvc2

A little known fact is that X-23’s air :d::h: hits mid, not high. So, if someone is abusing it to get in and spam crouching :l:'s, you can just block low the whole time and be safe.

She doesn’t have any great overheads on normal sized characters so without an assist it’s difficult to mix up. Mirage Feint :h: helps with that a bit though.

You don’t have to block the talon dives. Just anticipate them and move…they are punishable on whiff and pretty unsafe for X-23 to abuse.

yeah, other than the instant OH on sent, what do most of you do to sneak in overheads with X? I guess she has really no legit overhead tools at all, does she?

sometimes i get away with a heavy mirage feint into j.B, j.C or j.S, but for the most part, overheads aren’t happening. I usually just catch ppl pressing buttons, which doesn’t really lend itself well to the character’s potential in the long run.

yeah, relying on catching people is weak, as fast as she is, i guess her rushdown really isn’t all that strong.

she’s got crazy left/right games, better than any of the teleport characters. her high/low is weak, but she has a command grab that leads to 100% damage against the entire cast. when a char can kill you in one hit… of any kind, anywhere lower than superjump height, their rushdown is strong.

When you say 100% damage, you mean after a DHC, right? If X-23 gets the kill by herself, she can activate Silent Kill with X-factor and take out another character, which is pretty ridiculous.

yeah its always contingent on abusing the DHC scaling reset trick. you only need to start with about 3/4 of a bar and you can build the meter you need to finish the combo after you land the first hit, except off a command grab, where you need more meter to start because a lot of chars are difficult to loop

i’ll take your word for it, still just learning the game myself. but when you say her left-right games are strong, u mean using stuff like blockstring > assist (like chun) > B-fient > blockstring, or were you refering to other stuff as well?

Play footsies =P. Seriously. X-23 has very good mixups, but her normals actually have bad priority. Zone her out, and you don’t have to play the guessing game. (Zoning is not synonymous with “get the opposite side of the screen”.) If you see her flip back to “charge” a move, jumping will keep you safe most of the time.

(X-23’s counter for this is to get in with assists covering, baiting stuff with a whiffed :d:+:h:, baiting jumps and air throwing, etc.)

This seems to help out a lot. When I play an X-23 player, they just spam the talon dive and afterwards, they press down+H whenever they’re above my head. I always think that it would leave her at a disadvantage but they’ll fish for the low afterwards and I still get hit. I guess the Down+H attack leaves her at positive frames on block, but I never thought of avoiding her Talon Dives. I always saw it as a safe move to just spam but it’s really not. Thanks for the tips though.

air d+H has shit priority and gets beat cleanly by lows

sakeido is very right, I’ve had many a Magneto and Wolverine just mash crouching L and beat air d+H. I only use d+H when I’m pairing it with an assist that can cover my ass while I’m doing it (in my case, usually Tron). Calling a lock-down assist (Amaterasu Cold Star, for example) and using Mirage Feint M to dash behind mixes people up so hard, especially when they are in the corner, since it will cross you up even if you have your back against the edge of the stage.

I wish my record reflected all the thought I’ve put into my team… my execution and blocking is still no good though. :frowning:

I don’t understand how her lv. 3 works, I always end up being grabbed by it. Any suggestions?

She turns invisible and she has a matter of seconds to hit you with S, which is an unblockable attack (NOT a grab - you can be hit with it while blocking). It’s really good to use on people who are switching in before they have a chance to act.

If you’re both already on screen and X-23 activates you had better RUN. It doesn’t last that long, and everyone but the best X-23’s will kind of lose track of where they are. Or, you can launch an assault using safe supers to run the clock out (beam supers work nicely but don’t let her jump over them!) If you hit X-23 she becomes visible for a period of time even though the timer is still running.

If you’re switching in on an X-23 who just used Dirt Nap… then feel your butt pucker and take the hit. lol! But seriously though, if you have any form of invincible air super, pop it IMMEDIATELY and you will be safe from the S attack and likely hit X-23. I’ve been countered by Sentinel’s Hard Drive and Morrigan’s Level 3, for example.

Zucco has the matchup learned 100%. He punished all l.talon with backdash and crouching normals. The medium and heavy versions with airthrows. He knows the range of neckslicer so he can punish it about 80%. It’s a nightmare playing her against him. I’m a pretty adaptive player, but she’s a bit too limited. I just wish I knew this 2 months ago.

Dropping her for Dante on point, and add tron to the team for the assist. :frowning:

I think part of the problem is X23 players are too reliant on using her air game to do damage. It’s easy to do and it’s like Wolverine where you dont have to think about much to do it but generally unless you’re playing against a character that can just spam the screen with projectiles you shouldn’t always be trying to go to the air to do your damage. Like if you’re playing against a Wesker just wave dashing across the ground is a huge threat to his ground gun shot. If you’re in the air that’s what he wants cuz he can pick you from the air trying to dive and get damage. He even has a counter super that will rape your health if you dive in too obviously. If you instead do stuff like wave dash forward at him you really force him to change his gameplan. If he even starts to do a a straight ground shot and you wave dashed in you get a free combo. X23’s wave dash is so fast and low profile to the ground that she can just run under the gun and hit him before he can even teleport.

DevilJin beat me to it. Use X-23’s ground game wherever possible. Only go to the air when a character controls the ground (like Dormammu or Doom or something).