Anti-yamazaki strats anyone?



I’m not sure if this is the best place to be asking this question but hopefully some of you are in a giving mood. I cannot seem to figure out how to beat this yamazaki player at my local arcade. He picks N-groove and roll cancels a lot. he’s not just a one trick pony tho, and mixes up rc’s with pokes like standing roundhouse and low jump attacks, and yama’s grabs and grab super when he’s in close. Once he gets me in the corner, I’m dead. He especially likes doing rc’d serpent slashes (f,d,df+P) and even if I know it’s coming, I can’t do anything about it (except maybe counter with Geese). Assume I can’t RC and parry (because I can’t). Yeah I know some might say ‘well then u’re just not good enough, practice more’ and that is prolly true, but I want some immediate gratification if possible, this guy’s Yama is his only character that truly owns me. Btw I use Sagat, Geese, and Ryo the most. Thx in advance!


I use Hibiki against Yamazaki, she can out turtle him, her qcb+lp stuffs all his moves.


vega that shit.

jump back roundhouse/fierce.


runaway vice beats him everytime.