Antman cameo in UMvC3 (Hawkeye's super)


2:10 in.

I think we all noticed that.

Well there hasn’t been a thread or announcement. I just decided to do it up as a friendly service to douchebags like you.

He’s not going to be in it, he just appears as part of Hawkeye’s lvl 3 super. idk if ur trolling or not.

troll thread

Because a small cameo is very important.

What’s the point of this thread? We saw this the first day UMVC3 was announced, and…does a single cameo in 1 level 3 warrant its own thread? Maybe I should make a thread for Silver Surfer cause of his cameo in Zero’s arcade ending, or any of the other cameos in the endings…

On a related note, I hope Ant-man gets some voice clips. Otherwise he just kinda feels like a prop, like Silvia on the Six Machine.

Im just glad Hank’s finally getting some respect outside the comics and in Academy. Really you do one sexist thing that everyone and heir cousin did back in day and you’re branded for life. no one talks about all the crap reed’s done cough Coma gun or the time SPIDER-MAN punched a pregnant MJ

It’s because Mr. Fantastic and Spider-Man have super powers, do they don’t count. :trollface:

take it easy.

Bye bye thread